College Grad Working 50 Jobs In 50 States In One Year

For three years after college graduation, Daniel Seddiqui struggled to land a job. So he shifted gears and went after 50, one in each state, for one week apiece.

It’s a tall order, made taller earlier this year when he worked at Universal Orlando as a stilt walker. The Florida theme park was his 33rd stop on the journey that began in August.

Seddiqui has pulled shifts as a border-patrol agent in Arizona, a rodeo announcer in North Dakota and with a maple-syrup maker in Vermont. “It smelled really good,” he said. His goal is to work in a wide range of occupations and absorb the diverse cultures of the United States.

Besides stilts duties, he has been a greeter at the Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios and a “grouper” — as in “How many in your party?” — at the Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Islands of Adventure.

Read all about his adventure!

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