Obama Plans Cash Infusion for Community Colleges

President Obama will propose a $12 billion investment in the nation’s community colleges today, arguing that the money will drive expansions and reforms in the system that are needed to help people get educated in the struggling economy.

Obama will unveil the reforms during a speech at Macomb Community College in Warren, Mich., this afternoon. Later, he will throw out the first pitch at baseball’s All-Star Game in St. Louis before returning to the White House.

The college initiative is designed to drive growth in the number of community college graduates as fewer people are able to afford pricey four-year universities, senior administration officials told reporters Monday night. Obama will call for 5 million additional community college graduates by 2020.

Read all about the proposed bill, here!


2 thoughts on “Obama Plans Cash Infusion for Community Colleges”

  1. Yup, community college degrees sure get you far in this world. Good thing he's giving them MORE taxpayer dollars.

  2. I feel like I could almost do without my Big10 college education in todays world… Yet Obama believes that community college is worth 12 billion? Why so we can have Unemployed people with degrees, which lowers the worth of non-graduate degrees… Great.

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