10 Ways to Use Social Media to Pick a College

When I started looking at colleges back at the turn of the century (the middle ages in web time), really the only resources available to me were traditional college guidebooks like The Princeton Review. While those books offered some great general information, they really only scratched the surface of what each college was actually like for students. Even if I sent away to the school for more info, it was still vetted and edited by the school’s communications department.

It wasn’t until I visited the schools I was interested in and actually talked to students that I started to get a real picture of what university life was like at those schools. Thankfully, students of today don’t have quite the same problems, and that’s all because of social media.

Here are 10 social media resources for high school students (and their parents) to use in order to find out more about what college life is really like at the school they plan to attend.

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  1. squidproductions

    You know this is a great resource for people. I agree it is really hard to know what a college is actually going to be like.

    Same goes for internships. You never know what your day to day will actually be like. But thanks to viral video, Microsoft is changing that.

    Check out their new series, My Intern Life @ Microsoft, showing the real video diaries of 8 current Microsoft interns:

    [vimeo http://vimeo.com/5649286%5D

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