The 10 Sexiest Megan Fox Photoshoots

It makes us so happy to hear that is on Team Megan Fox Overload today!

They said it best, “Banning Megan Fox (i.e. the hottest celebrity babe on the planet) on Popoholic, even if it’s just for one day, is as ridiculous as banning your own private parts from any and all activities.”

Due to the lack of Megan Fox content on the web today Popoholic scoured the archives and compiled the ultimate collection of Megan Fox photoshoots. Upon review we must admit, they did a damn good job with this list.

Check out The Top 10 Hottest Megan Fox Photoshoots right here!

5 thoughts on “The 10 Sexiest Megan Fox Photoshoots”

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  3. Hell naw megan fox is def better looking and damn sexier!!!!!!!!!! I'll give it to u that jolie is still really really sexy but shes no FOX!!!!

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