White People Dancing at Music Festivals [Videos]

After attending the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago this weekend, we became acutely aware of a sad fact: white people should not dance at festivals. Period. Maybe it’s the drugs, maybe it’s just the whiteness, but there’s just something sad about seeing people make fools of themselves in public. Just take a gander at these 10 flailing festival-a**clowns, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.



1. Lollaplooza 2009: The World’s Best Dancer!


2. Sasquatch Music Festival 2009: Half-Naked Jackass


3. Drugged-up Hippie Showing Off His Moves


4. Why Dancing And Ecstasy Don’t Mix


5. Stoned Hippie Gets Crazy


6. Weird Raver Dancing His A** Off


7. PHAT 09: Rave Dance Champion of the World


8. Grandma on Disco Biscuits


9. Drunk Guy Chicken Dance


10. Dancing Bluegrass Douche

8 thoughts on “White People Dancing at Music Festivals [Videos]”

  1. That first guy dancing at Lollapalooza was the bEST!! haha, I think that's definitely one of the more exciting festivals. I definitely want to try and go one year. I'll catch the excitement during Fuse's TV special on Saturday—I hope they show this guy too..haha check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw3QFkEDGdM

  2. You sir, are a racist! its not that they're white its that they're idiots. except the second guy, hes awesome and should keep dancing.

  3. aHHAHAHAHA – Im glad I didnt get caught on camera!! LOL great entertainment, but I know lotta white ppl who dance great.. so there LOL

    Keep up the great entertainment lovin it!! 😉

    Submitted between blursts of laughter LOL


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  5. Also, may I remind you that this is just a joke.

    Non-whites tend to think that when whites make fun of themselves they are serious, but not when blacks make fun of themselves and whites just laugh at what they say, because whites know they are just kidding.

    Cant your brain comprehend that.

    Also dont feel bad for our *poor* dancing ability (Justin Timberlake, Maria Kotchekova, Michael Jackson lol), we have all the money, the media, and jews lol.

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