Stone Street: NYC’s Outdoor Drinking Wonderland

This article is for the fans of outdoor drinking – hopefully that is everyone because in my mind nothing is better than cracking a beer in the open air. Beer gardens, rooftops, parking lot tailgates, parks – it is the good life.

If you’re in the New York City area, head to lower Manhattan’s Stone Street. What was once a trash-filled alley is now a booming late-night social scene, transformed in the years following the World Trade Center attack, which took place only blocks.

The cobblestone street is closed to traffic and lined with numerous pubs, bars and restaurants that have plenty of outdoor seating, giving the entire street the atmosphere of a beer garden when the sun goes down and the tables fill up.

On Friday, September 4th and Friday, September 11th from 5:00 to 6:30PM, Ulysses’ bar is celebrating the limited edition Guinness 250th Anniversary Brew – this means smokin’ hot Guinness models serving (cheap) ice cold drafts and giving away prizes.

Is there a better excuse to head down to Stone Street than that? I think not…

Also, keep in mind that Stone Street has been a central location in lower Manhattan since it’s development by the Dutch in the 1640’s – so while you’re throwing back that those Guinness drafts at Ulysses’ bar take a second to appreciate the history around you.

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