Girls Gone TOO Wild [Drunk Photos]

Never in a million years would we claim partying is a bad thing. (We leave nonsense like that for the therapists.) But we will say that there comes a point in the night when you need to put down the bottle, and get your drunk ass home – or at least to some place where you can pass out in peace. We’ve all seen plenty of pictures of the shame brought upon too-drunk guys, but now it’s the too-drunk girls’ turn to feel the wrath of Internet stardom.


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  11. I am so surprise about the way these girls get so drunk and just pass out at any place.This brings to mind how easily people are tempted to rape drunken girls at any place.I am human and if i find any of these beautiful girls drunk around the dark corners in my area,i think i will be tempted to go into action with them. I think the killer disease HIV AIDS can be easily contracted by these girls.something must be done about this.

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  13. Hey Francis and Ferg, only douchebags and serial rapists make comments about jamming passed out girls. We do the same stupid sh*t, only we don't have to worry about waking up with our pants around our ankles. I'm just assuming here, maybe one of your buddies has gotten the same ideas about you.

  14. hey francis–

    I appreciate your concern(s) regarding the massive problem of drunken, passed-out females Just lying about in dark places and such, but baseball isn't the national passtime anymore. Now young and old have indiscriminate sex with junkies, pass out on booze, beer, ecstasy, and smoke boiled cocaine. Why proceed in any sane, linear fashion now that it's our birthright as good americans to toss common sense out the nearest window along with the latest empty gin bottle and make disasterous choices. And remember, nothing is anyone's fault anymore.

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  16. hey, guys, it seems to me that you've never seen drunk women before…

    noth special actually, but nevertheless, thanks for posting

  17. These girls are QUALITY material. I doubt they'll be future leaders of business, though. It's a little hard to dish on them when I'm sure half the parents today were just as passed out in the 70's. Still, if you're smoking and dropping acid, at least you know when you're having sex. Now it's just Natty Ice and "oh my god, I think I…" No style points for that.

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  20. Ahhh Liquor induced comas. This is a great thing… not. I think smoking a little pot would actually be quite the improvement for these people.

  21. these are the girls you want to take home to mom, bear your children, carry on intelligent conversation with. Oh, no chance of disease either….

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