White Chicks Goin’ Gangsta [52 Photos]

New Jersey residents aside, few creatures on Earth possess the ability to make complete jackasses of themselves more than young white females. Not that we have anything against them, by any means, but they sure do know how to act like dumbasses. And one of the best examples of this is their proclivity towards “going gangster.” This was a big trend a few years back, but we thought it was worth taking another look. Why? Because it’s f**kin’ funny, ya heard? (P.S. Just because we said you act like dumbasses doesn’t mean we want to stop hooking up with you. Please don’t think that…)
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21 thoughts on “White Chicks Goin’ Gangsta [52 Photos]”

  1. typical stupid white people, i only counted a few throwing the shocker the rest are just that, dumb white bitches

  2. a bunch of these girls are flashing the shocker, which is not dumb. how do you guys not know what that is?! way to know your “gang” signs.

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  14. chicks holding their boobies, LOL, does that make them gangster? DAMN maybe i shud try it. LMAO! eix sum mense. i bet 1 of tmem is blond but if otherwise then i guess all chicks are blondins

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  16. Damn did i see some blood symbols in there? They all stupid blondes but i wouldn't mind tappin the one with the pink beanie n bikini

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