VW Launches 2010 GTI in an Awesome iPhone App

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending the release party for the 2010 Volkswagon GTI. We have to say, the car is freakin’ awesome. But one of the coolest features is how VW decided to officially release the new car: Instead of bombarding everyone with TV commercials and other advertising, they’ve launched the ’10 GTI exclusively through an iPhone / iPod touch application! This marks the first time in history a car has been launched through an iPhone app, rather than traditional media outlets.

The free app, Real Racing GTI, which was produced by app-makers Fi is available through iTunes, allows users to check out all the sweet new features the GTI right on their iPhone, all while playing a kick ass game. Not only that, but players can “put their skills to the test,” for a chance to win one of six limited-edition 2010 GTI MkVIs, which comes supped-up with a 2.0T 200hp four-cylinder, performance suspension, 18-inch wheels, carbon fiber trim and custom interior!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app, win a car, get chicks, be happy! It’s almost too easy…

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