Happy 120th Birthday To The Eiffel Tower

If you’re a regular COED reader, you know we love sideboobs, pot smoking celebrities and demotivational posters. But we also enjoy culture, history and things of that don’t involve half-naked chicks – you know, from time to time. With that said, the Eiffel Tower recently celebrated it’s 120th birthday. To mark the occasion the tower will display a light show for twelve minutes, four times a night until December 31st. Not all of us will be fortunate enough to enjoy the light show in person, but as a consolation we’ve got 36 pictures for you to check out below. Enjoy!

And if you’d like to see a few videos of the light show take a look below…




8 thoughts on “Happy 120th Birthday To The Eiffel Tower”

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  2. david wayne osedach

    Absolutely fabulous slide show! Happy birthday Eiffel Tower. Everyone should visit you at least once in their lives!

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  4. Jasper von Schnitzel

    The French always do it up right. Their 'turn of the millenium' Eiffel lighting show was astonishing.

    Wish I could have been there for it.

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  7. Happy Birthday Eiffel Tower. It's one of my memorable travelling experience because it's that beautiful and when you're at the top of it, you will see all the places in Paris. What's more memorable, I've proposed to my girlfriend if she wants to marry me.

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