West Virginia Mountaineers Cheerleaders 2018: Hottest Photos Of The Squad

The West Virginia Mountaineers Cheerleaders are the official cheerleading squad for West Virginia University. In addition to being one of the more attractive squads in all college sports, the Mountaineers Cheerleaders are also very talented.
West Virginia’s Spirit Program features two co-ed cheer teams and one dance program. The Gold Team, which cheers at football and men’s basketball games, is led by coaches Christy Bryan-Davis and Kris Davis. The Blue Team, responsible for appearances at women’s basketball games, is coached by Shannon Gaskins-Elliot.

The Dance Team appears at both men’s and women’s basketball games.

“The West Virginia University Spirit Programs help to encourage and promote spirit for Athletic and University events. The purpose of the West Virginia Spirit Program is to support Intercollegiate Athletics and West Virginia University while carrying out the University’s mission in an appropriate manner and dress,” the school’s athletic site reads.

WVU has long been a powerhouse in several sports and the school’s cheerleaders have kept pace every step of the way. These days, you can’t have dominant teams without a dominant cheerleading squad to back them up. Luckily, WVU has that covered.

Please enjoy the gallery we’ve put together of some of the best WVU cheerleading pictures.

2017-18 West Virginia Cheerleading Rosters

Gold Team Females:
Edwards, Abigail
Kesling, April
McClain, Merideth
Miller, Brooke
Milsap, Ginny
Morrone, Madison
Neely, Hannah
O’Donnell, Keerstin
Troyer, Regina
VanMeter, Megan
Gold Team Males:
Ball, Michael
Calvert, Alex
Eulberg, Jason
Kubik, Jacob
Lewis, Ian
Marshall, Lionel
Myers, Mike
Peterson, Justin
Shank, Chase
Spurlock, Benjamin
Blue Team Females:
Beverly, Glori
Caracciolo, Sara
Coggins, Alexa
Dixon, Abigail
Murphy, Emily
Packard, Shelby
Radner, Jessica
Rickman, Abigail
Shaffer, Amanda
Tantari, Emma
Waterman, Amanda
Weiss, Kelly
Blue Team Males:
Dewald, Gregory (Aaron)
Duley, Christopher
Graham, Gage
Ortegon, Mateo
West Virginia is set for a matchup with No. 1 seed Villanova in the Sweet 16 of the 2018 NCAA Tournament. WVU reached the Sweet 16 with wins over No. 12 seed Murray State and No. 13 seed Marshall.
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