How To Be The Best Best Man.

So your buddy has asked you to be his best man in his wedding. This could bring forth a whole bunch of emotions. From the honor in being chosen to the horror in his moving so eagerly toward married life, it’s natural for you to feel a bit disoriented about the whole wedding day and you’re probably even more confused about what it is exactly you, the best man, should be doing on the big day. What is a best man, anyway? And how can you be the best best man out there?

Before you even move forward an inch with the wedding plans, it’s crucial that you answer the important question of whether or not you’re even capable of being a best man. Naturally, the groom-to-be, and everyone else involved, would like to see the chosen best man accept his duties, but if you’re incapable of accepting these duties–don’t. If you’re touring in a band, working 70 hours a week, thoroughly hate the bride-to-be, etc., it may be more responsible for you to tell your friend from the get-go that the job would be better performed by someone else if you can’t follow through. For the record, however, my advice is to bite your tongue, make some sacrifices, follow through, and be the best man.

So what are the duties? What does it mean to say, “Of course I’ll do it, man!”? Well, the best man’s duties are far and wide. Typically, best men are under the impression that organizing the bachelor party is their big task. In reality, the bachelor party is just one of many traditional tasks. And to name a few (drum roll):

1. Serve as an aide to the groom.
2. Help the groom buy his formal wear for the wedding.
3. Attend the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
4. Stand beside the groom at the altar and hold the rings until the vows are exchanged.
5. Sign the marriage licenses as a witness.

Lists like these go on for miles. But they’re hardly of importance. In essence, the only thing you have to do to be the best best man out there is do whatever the hell the groom asks you to do. If you asks you to pick up his laundry or bring home a six-pack because he can’t control his bridezilla–well those duties are just as important as any others. The key question is this: “Can you be a right-hand man?”. If you can, then by god, you’ll be the best best man out there. Unless you suck at being a right-hand man.

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