How To Set Up A Sexy Home Massage

How many of you work day in and day out, almost to exhaustion and by the time the weekend arrives, there is very little left of you?  Your body aches, you lack energy and those around you do not quit with their expectations of you. You think to yourself, “gosh how I could go for a massage!!” Those of you who can identify with this, raise your hand!! Haa-haa, me too!! Not only do you feel exhausted, but also would like some sexual release… Well today is your lucky day!!!

Ok mis amigos, don’t run out and start looking for an unethical massage parlor because you have the solution right before your eyes. How about planning an amazing date with your current “lover.” A date that will resonate with the both of you for a lifetime? A date that will allow you to enjoy a degree of intimacy that you never thought possible??!! If you want to be the hero, here is how to do it!


Our baby! Former captain of the LFL’s Miami Caliente Stella Vidal is now COED’s official sex and relationship writer! Each week she will be sharing the tips you need to know to be happy and prosperous with the opposite sex. When your done reading this story head over to her blog to read more similar stories.

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