10 White Hot Christmas Compilations

Christmas is almost here, and that means there’s been days and days for Websites to put together some of the sexiest Christmas content of all time. But instead of making you spend precious present-buying hours searching around the Internet for all the hottest holiday cheer, we thought we’d make things simple and just put them together all in one place. So now that we’ve been nice, Santa, we’d like that hoverboard now.

WWE Divas’ Sexy Christmas Pictures

The wicked and wonderful WWE Divas have put together yet another festive photo shoot with some sexy Christmas get-ups, and Hollywoodtuna.com has the goods. From a hot-ass elf to…uh…an almost naked snow leprechaun(?), these hard-hitting hotties will have you wishing for more.

Sexy Celebrity Santas!

What’s red, white and smokin’ hot all over? Sexy Celebrity Santas, of course! Turns our CityRag was inspired by our Sexy Ho Ho Hos gallery enough to put together a hot holiday post of their own. And we have to say, it was a good idea. But then again, anything that involves Adriana Lima in some skimpy red underwear is always a good idea.

Drunk XXXmas Party Girls

‘Tis the season of giving…and, apparently, getting drunk and half-naked! I mean, if you think about it, all the pressure to get the right gifts, not blow all your cash and deal with your annoying parents can make a person a little uptight. And nothing cures uptight like downing a bottle of spiced rum and stripping down to your pink skivvies with all your super-sexy friends. At least according to these festive hotties. And something tells us we should trust them…

15 Sexy Christmas Cheerleaders

We here at COED love cheerleaders. And it seems as though cheerleaders love to dress up in sexy Santa outfits and dance around. And you know what happens after they do that? TPS put together a kick ass list 15 sexy cheerleader Santaa. Duh.

Happy Hottie Holidays from Olivia Munn

G4 Attack of the Show host/Nerd Queen Oliva Munn just dropped an erotic bomb on the Internet, posting seven ridiculously sexy bikini “holiday cards” to her blog HeyOlivia.com. Those of you with a bikini girl wearing reindeer antlers fetish will thoroughly enjoy!

Sexy Santa Ho Ho Hos

Sometimes you’ve got to set aside the gift-buying and decorating for a minute to enjoy the finer, simpler things in life – like hot chicks dressed in sexy Santa costumes. Really, there’s not that much more to it than that. So grab a tall glass of eggnog, sit back and enjoy Sexy Santa Ho Ho Hos!

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2005

Victoria’s Secret fashion shows are by far the sexiest runway experience anywhere. So when they put together a Christmas-themed fashion show in 2005, it was no surprise that it rocked the holidays harder than Uncle Nick passing out at the top of the stairs. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Mr Snuggles, on the other hand, will be missed…

Santa Baby: The Pole Dances

There’s just something about the holiday season that makes women want to be naughty as hell. And luckily for us, that usually comes out in the form of dressing like a slutty elf and video taping a stripper pole show to put on YouTube. Which makes us wonder if maybe we should just have the holiday season all year long. We think yes!

SI’s Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

If you like Manofest‘s list of Santa cheerleaders, you’re going to love Sports Illustrated‘s Dallas Cowboy Holiday Cheerleaders. These ladies are truly extraordinary. I mean, who else do you know of that purposefully stands in front of tens of thousands of people, wearing nothing but a furry red cut-off top, booty shorts and cowboy boots? I mean really, name one…

The 10 Hottest Actresses in Holiday Movies

Holiday movies are usually pretty lame, like South Jersey- lame, but that doesn’t mean they’re not filled with super-sexy chicks ready to spread the Christmas cheer. Luckily for you, The World of Issac has narrowed it down to “The 10 Hottest” – and that means it’s all good…

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