Throw Your Own "World Series of Beer Pong"

Have you ever wanted to become a world champion athlete, but didn’t want to give up drinking or having fun? I understand. None of us are Mickey Mantle, so what can we do? The World Series of Poker is out. There’s a lot more fun ways to spend $10,000 in Vegas. If I’m going to say that I’m all in, it’s going to be to a disappointed hooker and not Phil Hellmuth (sorry if that’s redundant). So, then what’s our solution?

What's better than girls who know how to handle balls?

Well, here at Coed Magazine, we may have found something perfect. The World Series of Beer Pong seems like a dream come true. Beer, smokin’ groupies, and the strip? Um, where do I sign up? This year there was a $50,000 grand prize. Imagine how much Natty Ice that could buy. There’s only one small hiccup. You don’t have to drink beer at the World Series of Beer Pong. Now, excuse me for a minute but are you serious? Is the Super Bowl going to be two-hand touch this year? Even worse, there’s still complaints (like from these crybabies) about excessive drinking. Twenty four ounces of beer split between two guys is not serious drinking. That, combined with the expensive entry fee and five days stay in Vegas is a lot to swallow. So, we decided to come up with some ideas for how you and your drunkest (closest) friends can hold your very own World Series of Beer Pong.
First thing, if you want to have a great event, you need to be prepared. The beer should be light and drinkable (Guinness would NOT be “brilliant”). Nothing is worse than having to sit around and talk to people while someone makes a beer run, so make sure you get enough. Some people have even been known to play with tequila but to me that feels risky.
Next thing is the equipment. There are several guides out there for constructing and painting custom beer pong tables, just check out our 180 Bad-Ass Beer Pong Tables. Just, do that sober. I don’t need any angry emails typed by your eight remaining fingers. Besides the table, you need is cups and balls (and if you’re reading this, you must have those in spades).
She can put me in her penalty box any time she wants.

Now you have your equipment and your beer. You’re ready to go, right? No, wrong. This is the big leagues, kid. You want to be probing a dark crevice before the end of the night, and you don’t want to be finding balls. That’s why we’re suggesting ball boys (or girls if you’re the coolest guy I know). Try bribing someone with some beer. It could save a pretty big headache. In the perfect world, you could hire one of those kids that do the tennis tournaments but I’ve read they keep those kids in cages in the offseason.
You’ve got this great tournament set up, but not many of us can compete with a $50,000 grand prize. Why not get a trophy? Something that people are going to win. That doesn’t mean it has to be huge and ornate, that’s for guys with size issues. Grab a modest trophy with a twist. Make it something that you can drink out of. That way, the champion can puff out his chest and drink in style out of his chalice. You know the next year everyone is going to want that baby.
Last but not least, you’re going to have a safeguard against cheaters. You know the type. They lean over the table like they’re in Pisa, and then deny it. Get a referee. It has to be someone that no one will argue with, like your hottest girl friend. If a guy is so competitive that he’s going to fight with a hot chick, that’s probably not someone that needs to be invited to next year’s World Series.
Follow these tips and you can bring the championship to your own house. This way, you can pour as much beer as you want. You’ll put on a great event and make a lot of friends in the process. And even if you lose, someone will probably be willing to be your consolation prize.

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