Got Money To Burn? Try the World’s Most Expensive Cigar.

Just in case you ever run in to a situation where you need to spend 30 million in 30 days to get your forgotten rich Uncles 300 Million inheritance (happens every day),  Gurkha Cigars ( boasts “The most premium, high end cigar in the world” – His Majesty Reserve, retailing at $750.00 a peg.  The company’s hook is “Premium tobacco is infused with a generous portion of Louis XIII Cognac”.  Mmmm.

I’m a little bummed because wasn’t allowed a tester.  If I tried to expense a $750 cigar I’d be writing for Siberian Monthly, and Gurkha wouldn’t send me one, as they explained, “Fewer than 100 boxes of His Majesty’s Reserve cigars are produced and Gurkha’s president oversees their allocation to retailers.” (Reminds me of Southpark – So much to do at Cartman Land, But You Can’t Come”).

So I took one of their other products – a very tasty Gurkha Grand Reserve ($12), (which I enjoyed and remained $738.00 heavy), and in my best Groucho Marx, told them, “Fine, because I would never belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member.”

Check out the full line of Gurkha cigars at www.cigarwerks.comgurkha

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