Herbal Etiquette: Blowing Smoke with the "Newbs"

As a teen I had an unfavorable view of herb. As a child, every guy I knew that smoked, was a complete “Stoner, always covered in the funk of Mary Jane, falling out in class ( or the hallway ) and impossible to understand.  Back than I feared the day someone would ask if I wanted a toke.
Somehow as an adult I finally embraced the idea with my “Stoner” cousin.  That was long ago.  When I think back to my pre-weed days, I remember the fear and nervousness I felt as a “Newb.”  No one should have to go through that to enjoy a good bone.
So now that my rookie days are a thing of the past and I’ve crossed over into the big leaves, I have some knowledge to pass down to “would be smokers.  Not knowing the ways of the world could be disastrous. A mistake can piss people off, cheat yourself out of free future smoke, or at the very least make people think you’re a bit of a Bell end. Nobody wants to be a bell end. So let me take you under my wing.  Check out these tips so you can feel more comfortable crossing over to the dark side ya newb.

Puff, puff pass! It’s one of the oldest and truest rules to have among smokers. Some even say that when the 10 Pot Commandments were chiseled out in year one –  giving birth to the term “Stoner” (Get it?  The chisel reference ), – this was the 1st message they carved.

Among smokers and fans of the movie Friday puff, puff pass is a phrase as familiar as moms baked goods. The message here is simple. Don’t be a hog. If I offer you a sip of my cola, you’re not going to finish half the damn drink and then hand it back (are you?  You are!?!  Douchebag!).  So especially don’t do it when it comes  to good herb. This is tough for newbies to grasp seeing as how the inhalation process is one of their toughest barriers. Even so, if your burning up product it counts as actually smoking it. What do you think, this stuff grows on trees? Nobody wants to watch you burn their stash to the ground trying to figure out how your lungs work.

If your asked to join a smoke session it means whoever is inviting you likes you at least enough to drop a little bit of their hard-earned cash. Take it as a compliment, but do not automatically believe this entitles you to all future circles. Unless you’re best friends with the main man, it is almost never okay to invite yourself to a smoke out if you don’t have any herb to contribute.
You’ve got to understand that this stuff gets expensive. You don’t expect your acquaintances to buy you drinks at a bar, so why would this be any different? So the next time to you see your creative writing classmates running off to the parking lot during break, let them be. Unless of course you’re asked to join. In which case you always say “yes, thank you.”

If you should be asked to smoke with a small group, or even just a small person, DO NOT under any circumstances invite another friend. If someone is nice enough to share a piece of their fortune don’t be a jerk and take advantage. There are few things worse to a guy down to his last nug than to look up from packing a bowl and see a couple of vultures circling around his pipe smacking their lips. Even just one uninvited guest is enough to shrink your buzz, and possible make the host pack up their stash sooner.
I can’t stand when some “Newb” has the nerve to criticize another mans smoke. The fact is, some herb is good and some is great. I don’t know many true smokers that would turn down a hit b/c the smoke just wasn’t up to their standards. Don’t get me wrong, standards are good to have. Especially when it comes to getting what you pay for. But don’t be a snob. If someone is nice enough to share a little piece of their happiness with you, don’t belittle their efforts. I hate, hate, hate to see people get clowned for their weed. Especially when their smoking everybody out. Just cough and smile.
Just because everyone you’ve smoked with knows you smoke and visa versa, doesn’t mean everyone else has to know. (say that 5 times fast, or say it high just once) When your in civilian territory play it cool. Don’t point out your buddies red eyes, don’t talk about the smell on our clothes (we all smell it) and don’t call anybody out for not being able to handle their buzz in public. At least not out loud where big brother or anyone in a position to judge you can hear. Keep it classy.  Keep it low.
If you should find the opportunity to “Spread the Wealth”, do so. Herb comes and goes like the sweet winds of chance. Whenever you’re out of smoke the best thing ever is a good friend who doesn’t mind sharing. The way to grow your very own list of people who will smoke you out for free is to smoke others out. The rules of karma have become suspiciously relevant in the weed game. The best way to increase your chances of getting high in your driest of times is to share the love when things are green.
So there you have it, just enough to get you high without killing everyone’s else’s buzz . . .so, you ready?  Great let’s get smokin’.  You what!?!?  You thought I was carryin’?!?
Damn it.  Effin “Newbs!”

5 thoughts on “Herbal Etiquette: Blowing Smoke with the "Newbs"”

  1. Yea, um no.
    First of all you don’t smoke people up in hopes that in the future they will smoke you up.
    You smoke them up because why not? If you have weed, and like you said “sharing is caring,” that should be reason enough.
    Period. There should be no gains to be expected. You are totally missing the point.
    Second of all, turning down bud because it’s not up to your standards is totally acceptable.
    Yeah you don’t have to be a douche about it, but if you smoke good stuff all the time,
    chances are some crappy weed will give you a headache and leave your mouth tasting nasty. Plus, more weed for the person offering.
    And last but not least, who the F**k links to onlineslangdictionary.com?!?!?!
    Do you even know what the internet is?
    You suck.

  2. Neckbone is an idiot. All the guy was saying is… hook up those who hook you up. Don’t be stingy. Any real pot head is gonna smoke. If you smoke “good stuff” all the time”” and you don’t have any, and someone else is willing to hook you up, you take it. Any real head shouldn’t have a problem compromising. Here’s to smoking by yourself… Neckbone, I believe is the scholars name. He sounds tough!

  3. "Herb comes and goes like the sweet winds of chance"
    Haha i loved reading this article, and it seems like a solid set of rules for the nubs.
    "Whenever you’re out of smoke the best thing ever is a good friend who doesn’t mind sharing"
    this is so true. When you don't have it, it means so much more multiplied by 2.
    I hope to see more on here by you. I think perhaps you have a special knack for writing about herb. Write about what you know 🙂 ya know

  4. lol, I'm still kind of a newb too, but I never kept to those inviting rules since I'm always the guy bringing the herbs:p
    and I also don't mind if someone else is invited without asking me, more souls=more fun (I only mind it if I haven't got enough with me, but most of the time I have more than enough, hail to own harvest 🙂 )
    also I don't mind people inviting themselves(as long as I dont hate them)
    the puff puff pass is aplied among me and my friends, but sometimes it turns into puff puff puff pass, sometimes someone(most of the time me) can handle more so takes more puffs and another person can handle less so takes less puffs, so it's not a very strict rule

  5. Maaaan, I've got a guy in my social circle that can hear you think about rolling a joint from a city over and no matter how bomb or crap the bud is he spends the next hour or more in complete effing astonishment that the WEED got him HIGH. "OMG d00d eye'm sooo high, wtf! Are you high cause I'm sooo high?!" Has to be the most annoying no-no and general buzz kill I've ever encountered.

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