Melissa Wheat Tops The Week That Was: Jan 18th – 24th


OK, this is serious, people – rubber underwear really needs to get more popular. I mean, take the super-sexy Melissa Wheat, for example. Obviously, this chick looks good in anything, but the way her outfit make all her naughty bits shimmer just does something to her overall hotness that I don’t think can be replicated with non-rubber undies.

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Friday, January 22th
Sexy DJ Babes: Volume 1
TGIF motherf**ker!
It’s Friday and we know that you’re going to hit the bars hard tonight.
To get you in the mood to party check out a dozen hot DJ’s.

Top Twelve Women of the Apocalypse

Are bombs dropping all around you? Did your ex-girlfriend just try to take a bite out of you? Well, looks like you’re in trouble bud, but here’s twelve ladies to help you through it.


Thursday, January 21th

I’m With CoCo: 5 Great Lost Conan O’Brien Moments

In the war with Jay Leno, I’m with Team CoCo. Why?
The guy’s just funnier. Sure he’s got the moral high ground, but he’s also got the chops – an ex-SNL writer, ex-Simpsons writer, celebrated prankster for the Harvard Lampoon…who better to host The Tonight Show than he?
Well, to prove this, here are five great moments from Late Night With Conan O’Brien.

Naughty Nurses

Never do I wish for pain or misfortune to come upon myself but if I were to experience a horrific injury I’d like one of these naughty nurses was near by to take care of me.


Wednesday, January 20th

Five Douchebags that Should Pick on Someone Their Own Size.

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the douchebag is defined as an unattractive or offensive person. I don’t believe this sums up the true role or merit of the typical douchebag, and does not explain the behaviors of said douchebag, so I shall go with the more appropriate definition that I found here. I summarize, the word scumbag isn’t strong enough because it’s associated with the less verbally offensive lexicon of male anatomy words, as opposed to the penultimate swear word – the one that rhymes with 4th and 10 on your own 15 yard line. . .yep. that’s it.


Tuesday, January 19th

48 Sexy Office Girls

Need a reason other than a great starting salary to study hard in school? How about hottie office chicks! Yup, do well in school and one day you could have one of these hot babes working for you..if you know what I mean.


Monday, January 18th

Failed Steven Seagal Reality Show Ideas

Though the success for Steven Seagal’s new reality show, “Steven Seagal: Lawman,” has been great, the concept is actually an off-shoot of previous ideas that A&E had for the show but failed. If you have never seen Steven Seagal: Lawman, just picture Steven Seagal talking about Steven Seagal for thirty minutes (with commercials) and then picture him wearing a uniform while he does it. Steven, who is as much of a cop as Shaq is, gets to ride around Orleans Parrish with the police brass, show up dead last to every call and still gets to be the guy who puts the cuffs on the perp. All the while, Steven teaches us valuable life lessons by talking about how experienced and great he is at everything that he has ever done.

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