"Boost" Your Bar Money

My Iphone said she saw me testing a Motorola Debut, but I told her it wasn't me. Thanks Shaggy.

Looking for a value play on cellular service?  Check out the Boost Mobile Motorola Debut™ i856.  For a $150 down stroke and $50 bucks a month you can talk like a female champion gossip monger on “Guess Who Just Got Caught Cheating Day”.  You also get an MP3 Player, Camera, Video Camera, and unlimited web surfing and texting.
Pros – The weight, design and style of the phone is top notch.  I especially liked the sliding keypad that hides away safely so that you don’t erroneously call the – ahem – wrong person at the wrong time:
“I was with the guys!  I swear!”
“Really because they were moaning like my friend Kelly”
“Uh . . .how do you know how Kelly moans?”
The camera and video are as good as anything else out there “dollar for dollar”.  The MP3 player features a wireless stereo blue tooth, but at the same time it’s a bit of a bitch because you have to remove the phone back to load your music on a removable micro SD card – a bit archaic of a process by current phone standards, but not the real deal breaker.
Web surfing . . .eh . . .not so much.  You do get full data plan included in the unlimited plan, and the phone can surf, it’s just not a platform that’s conducive to much more than killing time and very simple searches.   I hadn’t typed the word “Facebook” yet, and my friend had already logged on, updated his status and logged off.  Three minutes later I found, “Man that took you Waaaaaaay too long!” on his wall.  Never – ever – give a wiseass an iphone.
Surfing aside, the Boost Mobile Motorola Debut™ i856 makes it almost possible to not be jealous of your friend’s iphone for 29 days a month.   However, on that 30th day, you’re definitely not jealous – He is!  Boost’s most attractive feature is the $50 bill vs. the iphone’s $200 nut for the same “Unlimited” service.
For more information about Boost Mobile “Pay as You Go” cellular plans visit www.boostmobile.com/

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