Jennifer Aniston's "Secret" Photo Shoot

Are Monica and Phoebe Joining you today . . .because if so, I'll need to grab another battery

Jennifer Aniston’s “secret” Photo Shoot – So secret she didn’t even know she was in it! Now if I could only get a “Secret Sex Tape” with her (and me)

I'm going to murder that man for this.

You know Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” . . .but have you seen this Jew-Z’s Forest Hills State of Mind!?!?  This is a must see – especially if you’re from the NYC outer boroughs.
Not doing so well with the ladies?  You can always just buy a Sex Robot and rape technology . . .and your bank account.
From the “NEVER MARRY THAT BITCH” Department.  If your girl does this, do her sister and best friend immediately! (Send us the video and pictures too.  Send to
Could Ricardo Montalban be any cooler than in this classic 1976 Chrysler Cordoba commercial, “Rrrich korINTHium Lehder” – just awesome.  Damn I miss Khan.  Couldn’t God have just taken a few red shirts or Steven Seagal instead?  (Isn’t that the rule?)

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