The Sun Never Sets on the Ed Hardy Empire

Of course one day soon Ed Hardy will be thought of as Cavaricci, two tones, and parachute pants. . .But whats the hurry Christian?

Determined to have his name on every single item I own, Ed Hardy has teamed up with Crystal Icing, maker of “Custom Luxury Accessories to the Stars”, to bring you a full line of iphone and Blackberry faceplates.
Ed Hardy Black Label is Crystal Ice’s “Total Baller” super premium version.  Black Labels are Swarovski Crystal Encrusted and will set you back $800, but their new line is a bit more, “Baller in Training” priced at just under $30.  They’re available at Office Depot and ULTA stores throughout the U.S. (which makes them particularly easy to quietly add to the monthly office supply order at work) or online at .
Meanwhile, the more Celebrity style oriented “Ed Hardy Black Label” covers are available at the Crystal ice Website .
Now of course we all know where these “Super Trends” eventually wind up – (Remember Cavaricci’s?)  However, there’s no denying Ed’s artwork, which has held up over 40 years (he’s been tattooing since the sixties).  Hopefully, Hardy’s lifework can lend a legitimacy to the brand which will help it remain relevant.  Time will tell.

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