28 Beauty Queens Gone Wild

On the doorstep of this weekend’s 2010 Miss America competition taking place in Sin City (Las Vegas, Nevada), we’ve decided to showcase 28 beauty queens of the world who have gone wild (some in more impressive ways than others). The world needs sex tapes, and Pamela Anderson isn’t going to live forever. So today COED gives thanks to beauty queens everywhere and to express our appreciation of them while they’re still around. If Darwin was right, they’re an endangered species fighting a war of attrition in vain. Someday soon when they’re all gone, we’ll miss their antics, stupidity, and unbridled ego-centrism and all we’ll have left are the memories.

Mary Leona Gage (Miss USA 1957)

The day after winning the title of Miss USA in 1957, Leona Gage was stripped of her crown when it was revealed that she was married, the mother of two children, and lied about her age…the veritable HAT TRICK of big no-no’s for Miss USA contestants. She instantly became a hot commodity of the emerging television circuit after admitted begin married at age 14. Her subsequent appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was one of CBS’s highest rated shows at the time. Gage went on to become a featured showgirl at the Hotel Tropicana in Las Vegas and was married a total of seven times!


Marjorie Wallace (Miss World 1973)

Marjorie Wallace was the first U.S. woman to win the Miss World title. Pageant officials stripped Wallace of her crown after it was revealed she was dating several dating well-known male celebrities (including Tom Jones). A little harsh – in the 70’s wasn’t Tom Jones the man? In the end it all worked out though because Wallace went on to become a successful morning television news show hostess.


Gabriella Brum (Miss World 1980)

Grum holds the distinction of having the shortest reign in Miss World history, one day! Grum gave up the crown because she said her boyfriend disapproved (…wow…) but a short while later it was revealed that she posed nude in a magazine (THAT’s more like it!). Instead of turning over a new leaf she embraced the “ho-ness” and went on to pose for Playboy.


Vanessa Williams (Miss America in 1984)

Ten months into Vanessa Williams’ reign as Miss America raunchy photos from a “Naked & Lesbian” photo shoot with Penthouse Magazine surfaced. As you’ll see from the “cleanest” of the images above the pictures were extremely explicit and Williams was asked to give up her crown immediately.  In the end these photos boosted her career and she earned an Emmy, a Grammy, a Tony Award and the award for most reproduced Salad Tossing photo!


Kelli McCarty (Miss USA 1991)

What does a former Miss USA do 18 years after giving up her crown? You guessed it! Quit mainstream acting and give porn a shot! Kelli McCarty was a regular on the daytime soap opera “Passions” for seven years and after the show was canceled she signed with “Vivid Entertainment” releasing her first feature “Faithless” in February 2009.


Alma Concepcion (Miss Philippines International 1994)

In 1998 Alma Concepcion was detained for a month by Guam authorities for smuggling amphetamines in her purse. Concepcion was busted for importing a controlled substance, possessing a controlled substance on an aircraft and possessing a controlled substance, all felonies. She was released shortly there after and was given a hero’s welcome when she arrived back at the Philippines.


Alicia Machado (Miss World 1995)

Alicia Machado attracted scandal from the very moment she was crowned Miss World 1995. Donald Trump went on the Howard Stern show and called Machado fat, saying she was an “eating machine.” When Machado got her body back into shape her boyfriend released a raunchy sex tape. Machado was engaged to MLB star outfielder Bobby Abreu but he broke off the relationship after video and photos surfaced of her having sex with a Spanish reality show participant.


Sharon Nicole Redmond (Miss Savannah 2003)

Only a few short months after begin selected Miss Savannah 2003, Sharon Nicole Redmond shot and killed her fiance Kevin Darnell Shorter. Redmond claimed the shooting was “self defense” and in the end a jury acquitted her of blasting Shorter in the femoral artery. “Self defense,” the oldest trick in the book. Ladies take notice, when you are looking to get your crown taken away – murder is a a little too much.


Danielle Lloyd (Miss England 2004)

The controversy surrounding Danielle Lloyd began before she was even crowned Miss England 2004. On Miss England election night Lloyd hooked up with a pageant judge, soccer star Teddy Sheringham. Riding this wave of press Danielle posed nude for Playboy and joined the popular British reality show “Big Brother” while still the reigning Miss England. Now you can see her every month wearing very little clothes in UK lad-mags.


Kari Ann Peniche (Miss United States Teen for 2004)

Immediately after winning Miss Teen USA 2004 Kari Ann Peniche dropped everything, moved to Los Angeles and posed for Playboy. She didn’t think doing nudie photos weeks after winning the title was a big deal but according to pageant officials it was because she was stripped of her crown.  With no crown and no acting career she fell into the arms of pop star Aaron Carter and the two were engaged after knowing each other of only 5 days!


Erin McNaught (Miss Australia 2006)

Shortly after being named Miss Australia 2006, the Australian lad-mag Zoo Weekly published topless photos of McNaught. Because of the controversy she was dubbed McNaughty by the press, how original.


Tara Conner (Miss USA for 2006)

In 2006 the press latched onto a story that said Conner had been drinking underage, tested positive for the use of cocaine, and dating Miss Teen USA Katie Blair while living in the Miss USA apartment in New York City. Conner agreed to enter a drug rehabilitation program and Donald Trump allowed her to keep the Miss USA crown. We even featured her as a Miss COED!


Katie Blair (Miss Teen USA 2006)

In the summer of 2006 Katie Blair was Tara Conner’s partner in crime when the two shacked up in Trump Place. The girls got pretty sexual at bars all over New York City and were seen snorting a whole bunch of cocaine. All this and she was only 19!


Kumari Fulbright (Miss Arizona 2006)

Kumari Fulbright had such a bright future! She was a law student and competed for Miss Arizona in 2005 and 2006. Things fell apart in 2007 when she was arrested for attempting to kidnap and torture an ex-boyfriend. She is now serving time in a federal prison.


Carly Hanson (Miss Universe Western Australia 2007)

Fearing another Erin McNaught scenario (see above) the Miss Australia pageant tossed Hanson after nude photos emerged in Ralph magazine. Hanson told Ralph that she enjoys, “bikinis that show off her breasts, kissing girls, men who can Kiss well and sunbathing topless”…classy!


Katie Rees (Miss Nevada USA 2007)

Katie Rees has to be our favorite beauty queen gone wild. She is living roof that everyone should protect their Facebook account with their life. After super raunchy photos were leaked during her reign Rees was stripped of her crown.  Things really began to fall apart when Rees was arrested for assaulting a police officer. There is no word what she up to today but we would love to feature more of her party photos on COED!


Amy Polumbo (Miss New Jersey 2007)

Probably the most boring pageant scandal you could imagine. In one of the rare instances where New Jersey disappoints, the whole thing was so boring that it was rumored to be a publicity stunt that Amy and her family put together. The “scandal” was due to these photos from her private Facebook account. At least it wasn’t MySpace. Either way…we throw the MEH card at this one, but worth mentioning.


Ashley Harder (Miss New Jersey USA 2007)

Ashley Harder fought to dispel the almost extinct myth of beauty queens as innocent, virginal little things when it was discovered that she was preggers. They forced her to turn over her crown. Which is crap. You want to punish her – MAKE HER STAY Miss New Jersey USA! Because pageant rules stipulate that being preggers or ever having had a child is a big “no-no,” we missed out on what could have been one of the greatest pageant reigns of all time. Disappointed yet again by the Springsteen State.


Elyse Umemoto (Miss Washington 2007)

This Miss USA runner-up (pictured right, with friend) was photographed flipping the bird, making oral sex signs, and dancing around in her underwear, all while wearing her crown. That is just baller right? You imagine a chick with balls like that will just say – “You don’t know me! I’m hardcore!” She later claimed they were from before she won the title. Uh…Ms. Umemoto…you had the crown on?! Fantasy officially destroyed.


Valerie Begue (Miss France 2007)

The French. When Valerie released suggestive photos showing Valerie Begue posing on a crucifix and eating yogurt, no one put down their croissants. While the president of Miss France campaigned for her to step down, in the end she was allowed to keep her title after the French public leapt to her defense. Viva la Resistance!


Anya Ayoung-Chee (Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008)

Anya Ayoung-Chee reign as Miss Trinidad and Tobago was shortened when nude photos were stolen from photographer Wyatt Gallery’s computer and leaked.


Laura Zuniga (Miss Hispanic America 2008)

On December 23, 2008, Laura Zúñiga was arrested in Zapopan, Jalisco, along with seven men who allegedly carried illegal guns and US$53,000 in cash. Please read the last sentence one more time. Zúñiga proclaimed that she was kidnapped by her boyfriend Ángel Orlando García Urquiza, apparently a leader of the Juárez Cartel, and that she was unaware of his illicit activities. Please read the first sentence one more time. On December 25, 2008, a second statement was released announcing that Zúñiga has been stripped of her title as Miss Mexico International 2009 and it was given to Ana Gabriela Espinoza Marroquín.


Christina Silva (Miss California USA 2008)

This former Miss California 2008 found herself being crowned as the winning contestant in December 2007, she was informed hours later that there had been an “accounting error” and she was, in fact, not the winner. (Insert OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!) The title was then given to Raquel Beezeley. The humiliated 24-year-old Silva did not taking this lying down, though she probably would have gotten farther trying that method. Instead she consulted a legal representative and my guess is that she is going to take it to pageant officials. Settlement? Sure. Dignity? Please try again later.


Lindsey Evans (2008 Miss Teen USA Louisiana)

Nothing like getting a brief tabloid career started early! At the end of her reign as the 2008 Miss Teen USA Louisiana, Evans and several friends were arrested near Shreveport for bailing on a restaurant tab. Showing why she was a beauty pageant winner and not a Rhodes Scholar, Evans was nabbed when she returned to the restaurant to pick up the purse she had left behind. True Story. As if things weren’t already bad enough, police found marijuana in the purse. JACKPOT. Evans lost her crown (and any chance of moving forward in the evolutionary chain), but while she was too hot for the pageants, she was just right for Hugh Hefner. She’s still only nineteen and already a Playboy Centerfold. Aim high Lindsey! Next stop Bunny Ranch!


Rachel Christie (Miss England 2009)

On November 2, 2009, Christie was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Miss Manchester Sara Beverley Jones at a Manchester nightclub…AWESOME! She subsequently announced her withdrawal from the Miss World competition and relinquished her Miss England crown. Furthermore, the wonderful shots she took soon after where the envy of all the ladies in holding cell block H. The crown was passed on to the runner-up in the 2009 pageant, Katrina Hodge.


Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe 2008)

After 2 months of reigning, Mendoza’s racy modeling photos for a jewelry catalogue leaked in the internet like a “waterfall”. Although her title wasn’t really endangered, the story made the rounds on tabloids and news shows. She defended her actions, claiming her nudes had been “artistic”. Mendoza has also been seen topless for the September issue of Maxim.


Sofía Rudieva (Miss Russia 2009)

Soon after the Miss Russia 2009 coronation, dozens of fully nude pictures started to burn the communism-ridden eyes of Russian loving Internet seekers like the 2 girls 1 cup video. The news is still not clear if these photos were taken with or without her consent. However, having seen the photos and it does not appear that she is chained to a bed railing like most other nude pictures from mother Russia, so who knows for sure. Rudieva, still managed to do the “cat-walk” on the Miss Universe 2009 opening, but not much further than that.


Carrie Prejean (Miss California 2009)

It seems like only yesterday when Carrie Prejean first illustrated her desire to do anything to jump into the limelight. Her statement opposing gay marriage when asked by Perez Hilton on the Miss USA 2009 broadcast was one-upped by the surfacing of topless pictures that she never informed Trump’s pageant committee ever took place. I mean, it’s Trump – he loves that stuff. She appealed to the public for compassion for the one time error from her youth……and then more photos popped up…and then more.   It was on June 10th, 2009, when the producers, headed by Donald Trump, took away her crown. She has since made numerous sensational far right opinions in an attempt to maintain some degree of fame – but ‘going rogue’ just isn’t enough anymore.

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  23. Alicia Machado was Miss Universe 1996 and not Miss World 1995. That should be a known fact. She was Miss Venezuela Universe 1995 prior to winning Miss Universe the following year! Duh!

  24. furryredpanda

    kate beaver is the most incredible looking beauty queen on the planet!!!! ( imdb.com = kate beaver or youtube = katybeaver ) kate beaver has the most AMAZING face & body on this planet!!!just try not to drool to much when you see this specimen of a woman!!!!!!

  25. Nick Covacevich

    I voted for my mother Mary Leona Gage for reasons that are NOT printed in this article. She's dead now…

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