Kay Valentine The Week That Was: Feb 7th – 14th

There isn’t too much information about Kay Valentine floating around the internet. According to her Myspace page Ms. Valentine is 100 years-old making her the sexiest old lady in the history of Earth!

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Friday: Feb 12th
20 Ravishing Red Valentine’s Day Virgins
Valentine’s day is on Sunday! Have you made plans yet? Let’s hope so or you’re going to find your ass sitting on the couch alone. To celebrate this arousing or depressing holiday (depending on your perspective), let’s take a look at 20 virginal ladies dressed in red.
Sure, the title implies that all these ladies are qualified virgins and you probably think that can’t be true, but let us think of the poor bastards sitting home along flipping through the internet for cyber companionship. They are all virgins my brothers – they are indeed.


Thursday: Feb 11th
Sports Illustrated 2010 Swimsuit Vixens Invade Vegas
This week has been a whirlwind for Brooklyn Decker and the models of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. On Tuesday the girls celebrated the launch of the issue at the Hotel Gansevoort in New York City.
Immediately following the party, the girls boarded Air Brooklyn Decker and flew to Vegas for three days of partying. Unfortunately, most of us weren’t lucky enough to be a part of this entourage, but fear not, we’ve got the pictures so you can take a peek at what you missed.
It’s the Shoes Money! The History of Air Jordan’s
For nearly 25 years now, Michael Jordan has had his name imprinted on these shoes. Beginning in 1984 in Jordan’s first year out of college, Nike knew they had struck quite the deal when they signed MJ to endorse their new pair of basketball sneakers. Little did they know that they had just signed a deal with the greatest player in basketball history and that their shoes would be breaking the bank for decades to come.
It is 2010 now and the 25th anniversary pair of Air Jordan’s are due to come out within the next week. But first, let us see where it all began.


Wednesday: Feb 10th
Scream Queens Waiting to be Discovered
Check out these “Attractive, Young Damsels-in-Distress”, everyone ripe and ready for their big hollywood horror film break!  Just achin’ to be the lastest hottie “Scream Queen” “Torn to Pieces Screaming”  – both literally and figuratively by the ravenous Wolfman!
The big dog blockbuster flick starts this week, and although we’re told that if we reveal too much we could get sued for hacking the Universal server and downloading ourselves the bootleg copy we watched last Monday . . .er – never mind that last part.


Tuesday: Feb 9th
Remembering The Lingerie Bowl
Like mourning the ex-girlfriend who was incredibly flexible, hot but psycho – we too mourn the Lingerie Football Bowl game. The now “infamous” Lingerie Football Bowl halftime pay-per-view show died last year in a dispute over ‘nudiness’ (actual term used). Like a Phoenix coming out of the ashes, the Lingerie Football League arose with a glorious roar. Being that the LFL is one of the greatest combination in the male lifestyle universe (girls in lingerie + football * unnecessary violence), the Super Bowl halftime seems like it is lacking this year.


Monday: Feb 8th

Crashing The Playboy Mansion With The Buried Life (Insider Photos)

#6 on The Buried Life’s list of 100 Things To Do Before They Die is “Party at The Playboy Mansion.” Ben, Dave, Jonnie and Duncan didn’t have enough money for tickets so they came up with a plan to dress up as Oompa Loompas (it was Willy Wonka themed party) and hide in a giant ‘Trojan Cake‘ and deliver it to the Mansion. Jonnie and Dave dressed up as Oompa Loompas and hid in bottom, Duncan delivered cake saying it was a prop. The boys stayed in there for six hours, not making a sound, peeing in bottles. Finally they made their break, jumping out of the cake and running into the party. Playboy had no idea what happened. The guys had to ask Playboy’s permission to air the episode afterward with a handwritten letter to Hugh Hefner himself. Hugh read it and agreed to let them air the episode.

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