Just in Time for President's Day! Anti-Obama Outerwear!

President Obama has brought to the forefront an entire cross-section of the country we’d thought had gone away. No, I’m not talking about douchey liberals, I’m talking about genuine racists. Not republicans, or even tea-baggers (sheesh- who came up with that one), but 100% unmistakable, cross burnin’, sheet over head wearing (not as a Charlie Brown Ghosts) racists.
The best part? They’re selling t-shirts!

A search of CafePress.com for the quoted phrase “anti obama” pulls in twenty-nine thousand results. Most of these are as basic as anti-Bush t-shirts were – Obama & Hitler hanging out, Obama & Osama Bin Laden Chilling, “Buck Ofama” (a direct parody of “Buck Fush”). Then we have…

Calling a politician a bum’s nothing new, and this t-shirt would be fine if they’d dressed up Obama as, say, Marv from Home Alone. But the point of this t-shirt is “black man smoking cigarette = homeless person.” Unconvinced? Check out…

Now I’m well aware that “drank the kool-aid” can be explained as a reference to Jonestown cultists drinking poisoned kool-aid. But “Sucka?” Really? Can we imagine an anti-Bush t-shirt with the word “sucka” on it? With the addition of the word sucka, the kool-aid reference comes into sharp focus as – yes – the sterotyping of black people enjoying fried chicken, water-melon and kool-aid. It gets better:

Hey, it’s a reference linking Obama with drug sales! You know, like the drugs that black people sell! This t-shirt isn’t, “Obama used to use coke”, this t-shirt is, “Obama sure loves selling coke!”

This t-shirt, entitled “Not A Racial Thing,” stands to directly rebut articles like this one. Now, contrast it with…

This t-shirt says, “Obama’s race is exactly and obviously the problem, dumbass! The guy’s middle name is Muslim, ‘Nuff said! So which is it, twenty nine thousand designs on cafe-press, is his race a problem or not?

Nevermind, loud and clear, his race is a problem for you guys.

But why stop here? If you find any fun, racist anti-obama t-shirts, reply to this posting with the links! Let’s shake Cafe-Press like a black president hating tree and see what we can find!  We’ll send the best find some stupid do-dad that some beggin’ PR type wanted us to write about – who knows – Maybe you could write about it!  We’re hiring! (Just no racists please . .  .or Scientologists j/k.)

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11 thoughts on “Just in Time for President's Day! Anti-Obama Outerwear!”

  1. you're grasping at straws on all of those shirts (Save the hussein one)
    there goes another silly lib, trying to extrapolate racism from anything in sight.
    it's a travesty to say "sucka"
    but shirts calling Bush a nazi are perfectly apropos for political discourse.
    this website is mindnumbing

  2. President 4 Life

    Article's on point.
    Obama's first year in office has been so anti-socialist it makes no sense.
    How he's a socialist, when only the rich are getting richer with his policies is beyond me. Most of these idiots don't even know what Socialism mean. They just call him a socialist because he's
    A: A Democrat
    B: A Black guy with a funny name.
    I guarantee if John Edwards was president, you wouldn't see "socialism" all over the place or him dressed like Hitler.
    It's a special kind of vitriol reserved for a guy who just "doesn't belong", which is redneck for "not white".
    He used to live in another country
    His middle name is Muslim.
    Would anybody tell these idiots that a person's name has just about NOTHING to do with their religion, just where in the world their family's from.
    There's Muslims named Clarence Williams and Christians named Abdul Muhammad. And atheists named Barack Hussein Obama. Yeah, that's right Obama's father? An atheist, not a Muslim.

  3. No, the shirts aren't funny if you're black. Then you notice that most of the attacks on Barack or based on him being black or somehow 'foreign'. Even the 'His race is not the problem' tee, is actually a response to the racism displayed on the other shirts. They know it looks bad.
    How smart do you have to be? All you guys defending the indefensible need to take a look at yourselves. Criticise the hell out of the guy, but his race is nothing to do with it. If you don't see the point the article has (well) made, then it shows that racism is invisible to you, aside from if people are shouting 'kill the ni**er!' in the streets. Or perhaps you approve this method of attack, because you actually are racists.

  4. I am not a RACIST!! I'm protesting HIS WHITE SIDE. He is the one that plays the race card. Not the white folks.

  5. What? He is so narcissistic. He IS a ridiculous choice and those who don't agree need to pull their heads out of the sand. He's still 'working out our health plan', while sooooo many Americans have no jobs and none in sight. Why do the fools that voted for him still stand behind him? You must be on his payroll..

  6. You know what I think? I think you're a racist asterio, the author. Only someone who was insecure with their own ideas of race and culture would feel the need to dig through, as you said, thousands of t shirts to pick out a couple and say that that proves people who disagree with Obama are racist. Is the irony lost on you that judging an entire swath of people by the behavior of a few is exactly what racism is and exactly what you've done here?
    How intellectually pathetic.

  7. haha, you guys saying that there's no racism here are either really dumb or think the rest of us are really dumb and that we'll believe your nonsense. Obviously all of the criticisms of the president aren't racist because his first year was almost completely uneventful, though, it's probably time to stop saying that he's not doing anything about the economy; you'll look pretty dumb when the economy comes back around as it always does even though there's nothing that the president will have done or really could have done to fix it himself. Anyway, if my fellow liberals weren't so willing to accept anything resembling modern liberalism, he'd be getting attacked from the left too. However, if you can look at the last two shirts and think there's nothing racist about them then you may very well be racist (or, once again, dumb). The second-to-last is directly saying that his African heritage is a problem and the last one uses traditionally racist vocabulary that hearkens back to minstrel shows. I guess with the "Sucka!" one and the "Bum" one one could play ignorant, but even the "Dope Pedaling" one directly makes a pun about him being a drug dealer and if you have any racial sensitivity you can see the racism in it. And yeah, I said racial sensitivity, I think that's what racists mistake for liberal racism.

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