Reach Out and Touch Your Phone – Not Yourself

If you’re looking for a cure to hairy palms and temporary blindness, then you’ve come (no pun intended) to the right place. When you stay in touch and connected to the world, you’ll begin to notice that keeping your hands occupied has never been easier. If you’re not sure where to begin, then give the monkey a break and grab one of these finger-fixing phones that’ll fit snugly in the palm of your hands.

The first phone is the LG Rumor2. It’s a slider with a full QWERTY keyboard hidden away beneath the face of the phone. All the technophobes should take a look at a standard PC keyboard and read the first row of letters, beneath the numbers, from left to right. That’ll give you an idea of where the name came from. As for it’s other features… there’s a camera to take those quick snapshots at the next house party, a quality screen, Bluetooth if you wanna go wireless and you can even check your mails on the go.  Recommended!

This Is the Most Awesome Flip Phone on The Market Right Now.

Next up there’s the Sanyo Mirro. The sales person behind the counter would call it a clam shell, but for noobs and yuppies it’s simply a flip phone. If you’re the type that gets lost in a Walmart, then this is the phone for you. It’s equipped with GPS, a digital camera and a shiny silver finish. In short, it’ll feel smooth in your hands, while you’re taking pictures of your way out the proverbial woods.  It’s probably the coolest Flip Phone on the market right now – and we’re huge fans of Boost Pay As You Go Service, so this one comes highly recommended
Saving the best for last, (only because I already have one – and I swear by it) is the Blackberry Curve. Now there are a couple curves out there, and unfortunately I’m not referring to women here, but the latest Curve to hit the market is a real stomper! The wizards from blackberry offer sick data compression off their servers, so your data usage is super low, super fast and super cheap! Aside from it being completely geared for e-mail, it comes with a host of useful features that you can check out here.
So there you have it… a host of great choices, great features and a sensible way to stay in touch with someone other than yourself. If you’re interested in satisfying your itching fingers with something other than Mr. Johnson, then all these phones are available from Boost Mobile. All of these pimped out mobiles are available on some really great deals that’ll suit your pocket and your new phone can fill the space that’s usually reserved for the hands!

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