Relax Olympians and Take a Puff


When you train for a competition that only takes place every four years it is understandable if one were to become a bit tense especially as the time for competition draws near. Some athletes may like the tension and find that it drives them to do even better; others require a release in order to make the most of an opportunity that may never come again.

It appears as if the Olympic Committee may be sending a message to competitors in the Vancouver Winter Olympics set to begin February 12 in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
Yes folks, it is not your imagination. The Olympic torch is really a giant joint.
It really should come as no surprise. Marijuana is the number one cash crop in the province. It only makes sense to subconsciously suggest that everyone enjoys it while in Vancouver for the Games; that would just be good business!
Officials would undoubtedly say that the resemblance is unintentional; that the torch is just meant to look more futuristic. They have to say that; technically, marijuana is illegal in Vancouver.
However, if you are afraid of getting arrested the likelihood is slim to none (how bad could a Canadian jail be anyway?). Unless it is a long standing issue or something that is causing a disturbance to others police will likely tell complainers to just deal with it. Even then, marijuana smokers are considered a low priority call in most situations meaning that they will not be in a rush to bust you giving you ample time to take care of the evidence. If you are the rare person thatĀ gets busted, penalties are as easy as the drunk chick at the end of the bar ( light fines and/or a suspended sentence).
So Olympians (and fans) take a hint from the symbol of the Games, roll one up and relax!

Dude! Dude!

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