The Week That Was: Feb 15th – 19th

Here at COED, there are a few things we look for in the women that we feature on our site. Things like her hair, her smile and a complete willingness to strip down in to next to nothing for our testosterone driven fantasies. You know, regular stuff. And we have to say, glamour model, Erin Ellington has these features by the truck-load.

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Friday, February 19th

Buns and Ammo

These hotties will have you sweating bullets all over your laptop. The only way these babes wouldn’t be sexy is if they were your angry ex girl friend. I also want to take this time to say “one cock, two blows.” It’s the punchline to your moms like a shot gun. Just something I remember from 8th grade. I never really understood it back then, and nothings changed. What I do know, is that these are some smoking hot babes with guns. So, duck!…down behind your computer and do what ever you’d like.
Tiger Woods’ Babe Brawl: Elin Nordegren vs Rachel Uchitel
Oh Tiger, what have you done?  This entire Tiger mess began with an affair with New York social scene-ster Rachel Uchitel.
It appears Mrs. Woods took the first round with an early K.O. leaving Tiger unconscious with multiple lacerations to the face.  But in a battle of hotness we want to know who would stand queen supreme, the wife or the mistress?  You make the call.


Thursday, February 18th

Relax Olympians and Take a Puff

When you train for a competition that only takes place every four years it is understandable if one were to become a bit tense especially as the time for competition draws near. Some athletes may like the tension and find that it drives them to do even better; others require a release in order to make the most of an opportunity that may never come again. It appears as if the Olympic Committee may be sending a message to competitors in the Vancouver Winter Olympics set to begin February 12 in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Yes folks, it is not your imagination. The Olympic torch is really a giant joint.

Gretchen Bleiler Goes For Gold! (12 Photos)

Today U.S. Olympic snowboarding hottie Gretchen Bleiler will attempt to win Gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics in her signature event, the Women’s Half Pipe (follow all the action here!)
Not only is Bleiler one of the best female snowboarders on Earth but she is also the best to look at too. In fact, she may just be one of the sexiest Olympians at the 2010 games giving figure skater Tanith Belbin and alpine skier Lindsey Vonn a run for their money.


Wednesday, February 17th

Hotties of HBO’s How To Make It In America

HBO’s new series How To Make It In America is quickly becoming the most talked about and acclaimed new show on TV, watch the first episode here! Being called by many the East Coast Entourage, How To Make It In America centers on a guy trying to make it in New York City, while hanging out with his semi-delinquent friends.

As with any successful show based upon guys not utilizing their potential, one nice aspect of the show are the foxy ladies.


Tuesday, February 16th

Mardi Gras Madness

Gather 5,000 of the craziest “Girls Gone Wild” chicks from the last decade, and enough booze to fill a lake.  Pour in a good helping of Thanksgiving Day and World Series Parades.
Finally, do the whole thing on a Tuesday with 10,000 of your closest friends . . .oh and everybody get naked – That’s Fat Tuesday!  Don’t believe us!?!  We’ve got the pictures to prove it!


Monday, February 15th

10 Greatest Magic Tricks The World Has Ever Seen

Everyone likes a surprise and a chance to be amazed, so what’s better than to watch crazy magic tricks! Whether it’s done in the streets or at a show, it’s the talent and creativity of the magicians that have you thinking ‘is it real?’
Magic can be found just about anywhere, it just takes an open mind and sharp eyes. Move over harry potter, these guys are your latest competition!

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