5 Turnoffs For Women, Men Do At The Club

Ok guys, so you’re in the club and come across this fine girl who’s checking you out and she has your name written all over her chest. This is your ultimate chance to grab a sexy babe and possibly take her out on a date on a later day. But sometimes, in the process, men will turn a lady’s sexy smile into a frown. But why?
5. Cheap Cell Phone Provider
It can be kind of embarrassing after pulling the girl’s digits and out your pocket comes a metro pcs, boost mobile or some pick-up and go gas station phone. First of all, these type of phones have been known to break easy and the phone bill is rather cheap. Some even starting at $30 a month.
So already the girl knows there’s a chance you could be one of two kinds of guys or even both: 1. The type of guy who is cheap, or 2. The type of guy who is broke.
4. Getting Caught Talking to Another Female
Wake up genius! You’re both still in the same club. This is a killer right here especially if the next girl you’re talking to is actually her friend. At this point, you might just want to pick your face up off the floor! If you’re going to talk to other females after pouring your heart out to the last chick, at least attempt this stunt in a club with two or more floors.
3. Acting Cheap
From conversation, the lady will determine if you’re cheap. Try your best to never say these types of lines during conversation:
– “I like going to the movies but most of the time I try and catch the matinee. Movies are so expensive now. Prices before used to be $8, now it’s $10 per person.”
-“This is my first and only drink. The bar is too expensive. Most of the time, I drink before I get to the club.”
-“Yes, I have a car but sometimes I wish I didn’t because gas is sky high.”
-“My boys and I came to the club early, we heard it was free before 10pm so why not save $10? That can go to my gas tank.”
2. A Guy with No Class
How do you expect to grab a woman’s attention and the first thing you’re saying to her is, “yo baby yo, lemme holla at chu.” And those slang words are not used in error. This is exactly what men say. Also, women don’t like to be grabbed. When men see women walking pass them in the club, their first move is grabbing her hand, waist, and some will even grab her booty. This is rude and if she turns around and slaps you, then stop by the gas station on the way home to pick up that ice pack to cool off your face.
Some of the men need to listen to “General” Larry Platt’s song “Pants on the Ground,” from his audition for American Idol a few weeks ago. Approaching a female at the club, with your pants or shorts sagging to your ankles is complete grounds for dismissal. How can you respect the female if you can’t even respect yourself. Do some research and find out where sagging your pants originated from, then think twice about doing it.
1. Bad Breath
This is the ULTIMATE TURNOFF! If you know you been drinking, smoking, or just ate, please take some time out and invest in a pack of Dentyne gum, certs, or something. This is a hygiene issue and ground rules for termination before an application is even submitted. Females, next time a guy approaches you with bad breath, just eliminate him on spot!

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Relax Olympians and Take a Puff