Trojan Fire and Ice Condom Coming This Summer

The National Sexual Health Report Card, released in October, is proof that you should be wearing a condom every time you have sex. Just because you need to wear a condom doesn’t mean sex can’t be enjoyable. Proof of this is Trojan’s latest development, the Fire and Ice condom set to be released in late-May.
On Wednesday Trojan threw an epic launch party for the Fire and Ice at the Museum of Sex in New York City. We previewed the condoms, got a tour of the Museum of Sex from their smokin’ hot curator and spoke to Mike Harrison, Chief Condom Scientist at Trojan, who told us that Fire and Ice is the first condom on the market with warming &  tingling sensations, giving both sides of the pleasure spectrum and it scored very high marks with internal testing. Basically this means Fire and Ice should overtake Trojan’s Ecstasy condom (launched nationwide in July 2009 and already comprising of 14 percent of all condoms sold) as largest launch in brand history.

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