Spring Break Survival Guide

With spring break right around the corner, your minds are starting to focus on exotic locales, partying with friends, and bikinis – but what are you forgetting?
A poorly planned Spring Break can be a total nightmare, both during and after the week is over. Want to stay safe and healthy in Cancun..or where ever else you’ll be traveling? Follow this Spring Break Survival Guide to make sure your trip goes as smooth as your pick up lines after a few beers.
2-Way Radio
Your cell phone isn’t going to work in Mexico. Make sure you don’t get separated by bringing another means of communication. Many models work up to 20 miles for around $30. You might feel like a dork at first, but you’ll get over it when you stumble out of Señor Frogs and can’t find your friends.


LifeStyles SKYN Condoms
Contrary to popular belief, what happens on Spring Break doesn’t always stay on Spring Break, and if you get an STD, you will take it home with you. Made from polyisoprene, SKYN features a new condom material that provides extra comfort and sensation, and is also safe for those with latex allergies. No glove, no love.


Unfortunately for most, hangovers are a big part of Spring Break. Help your body bounce back from a hangover by replenishing fluids and keeping your body well supplied with vitamins and nutrients.


Sports Drink Mix
It’s extremely important to stay hydrated while drinking, especially when combined with sun-exposure on Spring Break. The electrolytes in sports drinks will replace sodium, glycogen, potassium, and other minerals lost to alcohol. Toss a powdered drink mix in your bag and stir up some hangover helpers for your friends.


SPF 30
Don’t mess around with the sunblock, especially if you’re heading towards the equator. Take nothing less than SPF 30, and make sure to reapply at least every 2 hours.

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