Stephanie Marshall and The Week That Was: March 1st – 5th

It’s the end of an unusually long and boring week on the Internet. Hopefully, next week we will see some incredibly scandalous news like a Blake Lively sex tape, or someone more realistic – like super hottie bombshell, Stephanie Marshall! There – I feel better already.

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Friday: March 5, 2010

Busting 5 Longstanding Car Maintenance Myths

They’ve been around awhile – a snippet of advice here, an old adage there. They’re the guidelines that are supposed to help cars running in top condition. Problem is, most of them aren’t based in fact – or they’re just plain outdated.
We spoke to Kevin Markham, a technical specialist at Ford Motor Company and world class professional driver to help debunk a few of the most popular maintenance myths, including the following.


Thursday: March 4, 2010

5 Ways to Make Me Scream!

In case you get the wrong idea, this isn’t going to be one of those articles that tells you in disturbing detail how to find my G-spot or give me multiple orgasms – I trust you can all figure that out all by yourself (if not though, there’s some pretty clear instructions here and here ).
My goal here is to help you out with the other aspects of sex; the minor details that guys often dismiss as being unimportant and girls see as lavish, extended foreplay.

The 5 Girls You’ll Meet in a College Bar

All girls are rare and beautiful snowflakes — this much we know.
Yet when you take college girls, feed them alcohol and put them in a bar environment, a remarkable thing happens: their behavior falls into remarkably consistent patterns. Based on our research, we’ve identified five types of girls you’re likely to meet in a college bar.


Wednesday: March 3, 2010

Backstage With Jay-Z In NYC

Last night Jay-Z performed at Madison Square Garden, alongside some very special guests including Lil’ Wayne, who is scheduled to be sentenced to one year in prison for gun charges this afternoon. After the show Jay-Z and his entourage that included wife Beyonce, Drake and NBA superstar LeBron James made their way to the 40/40 Club for an after party. Somehow, and though we are not particularly sure how, we’ve got all the insider pictures so take a look.


Tuesday: March 2, 2010

Guess How Many People Megan Fox Has Slept With?

If you’re an avid COED reader you’re well aware of how we feel about Megan Fox. So when we heard Fox told Harper’s Bazaar UK how many notches are in her bed post we instantly got excited.
So what is Megan Fox’s magic number? 1? 10? 57? has the answer!


Monday: March 1, 2010

Erin Andrews Joins Dancing With The Stars (240 Photos)

When it comes to the world of sideline reporters, you can’t get much hotter than the lovely Erin Andrews. If you’re a sports fan, she’s sure to have entered your fantasies one or two (hundred) times. Erin Andrews has signed on to this year’s cast of Dancing With The Stars. She will be joined by Chad Ochocinco, Buzz Aldrin, Pam Anderson, Nicole Scherzinger, “Bachelor” Jake Pavelka and Evan Lysacek.  So to satisfy your blooming obsession, we’ve put together the quintessential Erin Andrews photo collection, containing over 240 photos of this awesomely bodacious babe.

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