The Buried Life #85 "Throw the Most Badass Party Ever" Leaked Photos!

All of our past coverage of The Buried Life culminates tonight as the guy’s close out season one by taking a crack at #85, “Throw the Most Badass Party Ever.” This mission was inspired by the party scenes in Hollywood staples we all know and love like Superbad, Can’t Hardly Wait, Dazed and Confused, American Pie, Almost Famous “I’m a golden God,” and the list goes on.
We spoke to Ben and he gave us a little info about tonight’s episode saying, “we wanted to create that one epic night that redefines your entire high-school/college experience, that one night you and your buddies talk about till you’re old farts. We drove into a small town run by the cops, where we know nobody, and tried to pull this off. We end up convincing (we’ve deleted the awesome rap group’s name to leave some suspense) to come and play a surprise set for the party, it was epic.”
Ben says the cool part of this story is the young man they help, “His dream is to meet his father for the first time and we reunite them in a small coffee shop – one of the most powerful moment I’ve experienced in the past four years.”
The guys hooked us up with a bunch of sick unreleased photos from the party so check them out below and make sure you tune into MTV at 10 pm for the season finale of The Buried Life.

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