5 Awesome Bar Tricks to Amaze Chicks

A good bar trick can win you money, drinks, and admirers. Place a bet on a game you know you can win or a trick you know you can perform and your bound to come out ahead. And, a good trick will impress onlookers (who may also be good lookers). When you hit the bars remember: these awesome tricks are good to have up your sleeve.
1. Pints and Shots – This clever trick involves no slight of hand, merely a manipulation of the rules of the game. It’s probably the easiest bar trick you will ever learn and a surefire way to win bets. It may not be the most impressive trick, but it is the most reliable.

2. Big Coin- Small Hole – Funny name – cool trick. Your friends will have no clue what hit them. Note that the coins used are Danish, but this will work with American coins too. Danish coins were not given any special powers by the mermaids.


3. Newspaper Bottle Opener – Learn how to open a bottle with a newspaper. Maybe this will help revive the failing newspaper industry.


4. Dollar Shot Trick – This one is really stupid…really really stupid. But some people will fall for it, earning you a $1 shot.


5. Touthpick Balance Trick – This is by far the most complicated trick on the list, but it is also very impressive. With a little practice, you can make forks appear to defy gravity. So go ahead and fork that.

Runner-up: Freeze a Beer in Two Seconds – While this is arguably the coolest trick (possibly ever) it is relegated to runner-up status do to the requisite prep work. It is really best saved for parties you host, though it may also work in a BYOB situation.

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