What "Not to Do" If You Want to "Keep it Casual"


I’ve just about had it with some guys.  Some guys  (and no, this certainly does not need to include you – but very well may) just want to date girls and avoid attachment altogether. Okay, fine.  This is totally acceptable, and desirable in many cases.  We have needs to, and if I could leave before you throw The Phantom Menace on for the umpteenth time, believe me I’m happier for it.  However, if you do what to keep the “Friends with Benefits” thing going, at least have the decency to send the right signals.  I have met many a man who knows how to pull off a feat like this – and quite a few . . .let’s just call them others (read others as whiny losers that need their momma’s boobie call, not a wild boot-y call.

A real man that “Knows the Game” know how to keep me at bay just enough as to never expect anything, and therefore I never really get attached and we both enjoy the time we spend together – Win:Win. This is a special breed though. This man knows his game and plays it honestly. For that I commend all these men. They know what NOT to do or say to a lady because in their hearts, they sincerely don’t want an attached/emotional girl on their hands.  If  a lady erroneously gets attached to one of these “Honest Players” it’s their own fault, and gentleman I urge you not to feel guilty!
However!  Other men, just don’t get it (and when they do they don’t deserve it!)!  They do and say just about everything that would lead a girl onto the path of attachment and then cry wolf when it’s already too late. This is a coward. A nutless girlie man that deserves to have his sister and mother played out the same way by the Brazilian Soccer team.

Gentlemen, I beg of you, if you don’t want a lady in your life to become emotionally attached to you, do NOT do the following:
-Do not spend more than two nights a week with her.
-Do not cook meals for her, give her massages, or do anything else “boy friendly.”
-Do not make plans for the future with her, especially not travel plans.
-Do not introduce her to your family or oldest bestest friends purposefully.
-Do not talk to her about how special she is and how much you like her.
-Do not spoon-feed her when she is sick, she is a big girl.
-Do not tell her you’re being physically exclusive with her.
-Do not set up super romantic dates. No ice-skating, no picnics in the park, okay?
-Do not, absolutely do not, tell her that you miss her.
I recently had a guy do all of the above with me and then act completely surprised when I was shocked to find out we weren’t “Going” anywhere.  Dude, I dig the attention, but minus the love concept sex with you wasn’t knocking my thigh highs off.  You have to lay the love card to turn me on, it’s a blaring screaming alarm with flashing lights letting you  know that you really need to up your game in the sack.  There are guys that clearly let girls know it’s “just a thing” and we come back and back and back – guess why?  Yup.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to tray lasting 3 minutes rather than break a girls heart?
Guys, please don’t be one of these dudes. Say what you mean clearly with both your actions and your words. If you don’t, you might just end up with a crying girl on your hands and that is totally your fault!

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  5. This is great advice for this current batch of mamma's boys! Men love to talk about being with a woman with daddy issues, but most women talk about having to break up with the "nice guy with mommy issues." Don't be that guy! You're either in it for the long-term or you're just having fun, there really is no in-between. Fellas, a woman doesn't NEED you to make her feel good about herself or prove you're domesticated. In my experience, most women allow a man to approach her already knowing he wants to get in her pants. Just be honest about it. I'm not advocating ungentlemanly or unclassy behavior, but if you know this isn't the girl you're gonna introduce to your parents/best friends/kids/etc., don't treat her like she is. In short, don't build up unrealistic expectations if you aren't willing to at least consider fulfilling them.

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