5 Reasons Why She Hung Up On You

You’ve done the impossible and found a great girl that you really want to talk to every single day. Or so you think, until she starts calling you every single day, demanding that you listen to every minute detail of her drive to work. You half-listen to what’ shes saying and throw in the occasional “true” and “cool.” But after a few too many of these stimulating phone calls, she’s hanging up on you before you can even throw out “yeah, work does suck.” You don’t want to throw away a good relationship over a few bad phone calls, but you can’t figure out what you’re doing so wrong. You’re in luck, COED knows exactly what you’re doing wrong and exactly how to fix it. Check out our tips and never fear the hang-up again.
5. Keeping Her On Hold
The conversation is going great and you two are just laughing and enjoying each-others company over the phone. Fellas, we already know women can get a little jealous sometimes. So what do you think is going to happen when she hears your line click? A few years ago, when someone called another person’s phone line, you could hear the noise interrupt the conversation. But technology has advanced and now the noise is gone but a delay is heard instead.
She knows when someone clicks in your line because when you’re conversating, a delay is heard between the last thing she heard and the next thing you said after the delay. So next time she says, “Are you going to answer your incoming call,” don’t be shocked or surprised. Remember, women have that sixth sense regardless of how slick you think you are.
Regardless with who’s on the other line, your best bet is to click over and answer that call and get back to your girl within 15-20 seconds or less or she will suspect something.
Fellas, you must remember that a woman feels that she’s on the top of your priority list, somewhere between 1-5 following your immediate family. Whether you return back to her within 15 seconds or later, be prepared to answer a woman’s typical question: “Who was that?” If you’re smart, you will never tell her the incoming call was from another female. If so, that female better be a family member. And if your mate is a motor mouth, and you just don’t have that much gas in your tank to talk as much as she does, then just pretend to pay attention.
4. You Just Said the Wrong Thing
Oh no! You just boiled her eggs by comparing her to your ex-girlfriend. There’s a lot of things that a man can say over the phone to a woman that can piss her off but this is one of the ultimate reasons she will hang up on you. But a few other things to keep in mind to keep that lovely lady on your good side is to pay attention and not say some of these statements listed below:

  • You start talking about some of her female friends as if you have a crush on one of them. For example, your girlfriend is having a party and you ask if a specific one of her friends will attend the party. This is not the only time you’ve asked about her friend. Don’t be shocked if she says, “Do you want to date my friend, because you seem to always ask about her?”
  • You compare her not only to your ex-girlfriend, but now you may slip and compare her to one of your best female friends. Now you’re putting you and your best friend’s friendship in jeopardy because eventually your woman is going to tell you one or the other has to go.
  • You never listen to what she’s saying. You’re too busy expressing your own opinions. Try listening to her sometimes, she could be right at times.

3. She’s Last On Your List
OK, so it may be the NBA Finals where Kobe Bryant is looking to hit another game winning shot, or SuperBowl 44 where the New Orleans Saints win their first Superbowl in franchise history. But nevertheless, you have your love sitting on the phone talking to you and what she’s saying is going in one ear and coming out the other. Then you wonder why she gets mad at you when she asks you what was the last thing she said because she knows you were not paying attention. It’s not a good feeling being ignored. Don’t be mad at her if the tables are turned and she’s paying more attention to her soap operas rather than you. That’s right! Two can play that game.
2. Hello! Are You Listening to Me?
Talking to your brother or sister or whoever in the background could be another one of your downfalls. For some reason, some people don’t understand the meaning of another person being on the phone. You may have people in your household that seem to only want to talk to you when you get on the phone. Which sometimes, you don’t make the situation no better by adding to the conversation while you have your significant other on the phone. It’s fine to say a few things to people in the background but when you start having a full lengthy conversion, don’t be surprised if the dial tone start singing in your ear.
1. Oops! My Battery Died
You may get a little upset at first, but once she calls you back to explain that her phone went dead and she had to put her phone on the charger, then you better make peace. Besides, how can you be mad at such a sexy, beautiful and gorgeous woman that will go the whole nine yards and back for you? She’s not laying on that bed in that sexy mouth dropping robe for nothing. If you play your cards right, then both of you could be hanging up on each other, with you hopping in your car, heading over to her house to unleash that robe!

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