10 Things Every Guy Should ALWAYS Pack When Traveling

Let’s face it- traveling is starting to suck. It costs way too much. Airlines have figured out how to charge for just about everything, except the oxygen you breath. If you want to eat more than peanuts, it will cost you. If you get cold, warming up will cost you. And you can forget a pillow for your nap too. People even have to pay to check bags; God forbid you actually need things while on your trip!
It has gotten to a point where you might as well try to pack all you need into a carry-on. Seriously, checking bags makes quite a dent into your beer budget and that is not allowed!
Worry not, weary traveler! COED has decided to help you out. Follow these simple rules and you can pack everything you need on your trip into your carry-on bag.
1. Underwear: there is no yuckier feeling in the world than being stuck wearing underwear for more than a day. Don’t take the chance on running out by packing one more pair than the number of days of your trip. Better safe than sorry.
2. Toothbrush and toothpaste: there is no better babe repellent than stinky breath; except maybe body odor (see #3).
3. Deodorant: Funk breath will not matter if your body odor keeps her from getting close enough to talk to you. Don’t count on AXE or any other body spray either; you’ll just smell like AXE and funk.
4. Snacks: forget paying the airlines for a small, crappy meal that will leave you wanting more in 30 minutes. Save money (more for beer!!!) and bring something from home to tide you over.
5. Entertainment: have something to do. Cramped flights can be tough to sleep on, so you’ll need a way to pass the time. Grab a James Patterson novel in the airport bookstore; easy to read and hard to put down.
6. One dress shirt: and only one. With the right undershirt you can wear it unbuttoned and use it for more than just one outfit.

7. Two solid colored shirts other than white: a nice solid colored t-shirt can look really sharp when worn with jeans, shorts, or slacks.
8. Flip flops: these are especially important if you are traveling on a tight budget and planning on staying in a hostel or a cheap hotel with a communal bathroom down the hall.
9. A light-weight, medium sized towel: also key if you are traveling on a tight budget and planning on staying in hostels and other places. If you stay with friends, they will appreciate not having to hook you up with one.
10. A hat: sometimes all you need to fall asleep is the light out of your eyes. You’ll be amazed how pulling your hat over your face will make it dark enough to nod off.
If in doubt about what to bring on your trip think ‘comfort and practicality’. When it comes down to it you only want to have what you really need…and all you really need on vacation is comfort.

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