12 First Date "Do’s" and "Don’ts"

So tonight is the lucky night.  You’ve showered, shaved, doused yourself with cologne and popped the piece of gum. Whether you’re hoping to actually find someone who is relationship material or just looking for a one night stand, first dates can be a nightmare if you don’t handle the situation correctly. Here is a list of what a gal thinks you should and should definitely not do on a first date.
DO NOT Be Late: Nothing says I could give two craps more than being late on the first date. At least be cool and shoot us a text if you’re running late. There is nothing like waiting for your date and not knowing if he is even going to show. You don’t have to be early, but at least arrive on time. Girls may show up a few minutes late but as a man, you should definitely be there on time.
DO Be Cool If We’re A Little Late: If we are that means we like you, otherwise we wouldn’t give a damn about our appearance.
DO NOT Ask to Split the Check: If you ask us to split the check, you can be 100 percent sure that you’re not going to hear from us again. Chivalry is NOT dead! A girl loves nothing more than to feel like a princess. If you were the one that did the asking, then plan on doing the paying. Girls notice the little things- open up the door for us and seat us at the table.
DO Treat Your Guest (me) Like a Guest – It’s customary for the “Asker” to show the “Askee” a good time: Take some degree of charge and show me some fun . . .it pays dividends!
DO NOT Say “Call Me” at the End of the Date: Its one thing if there was no chemistry and you have no intentions of calling, but if you do dig us, than don’t say “call me.” There is no rule on how many days you should wait to call after a date. In fact, most of us would be thrilled if you texted or called us the next day saying you had a great time. We all hate the games- men, women; transvestites- so do us a favor and just call.
DO Call Me: And the sooner the better.  The best ever was when I walked inside and there was my date’s sexy voice telling me how much fun he’s having watching my “shake” as I  walk to my apartment.  I had to call him immediately and ask him to turn around!
DO NOT Text and Use Your Phone Non-Stop: This is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves. Not only does this make us think that you would rather be doing something else but it’s just plain rude in general. Put your phone on vibrate or silent. Unless it’s an absolute utter emergency- like grandma fell or the game went into overtime, don’t even think about taking it out.  When you ignore your cell, it lets us know that you’re not interested in anyone else but us.
DO Text or Call Me: One time a man told me he had to make an important call – he called me!  Right from the same table!  To tell me how sexy I was, but that he had to go because he was on a hot date.  MMMmmmm.
DO NOT Talk About Your Ex: This is the LAST thing we ever want to hear about. No girl wants to hear about your last relationship or your terrible breakup. We also don’t want to hear about your latest conquests.
Do Talk! And make me laugh.  The more I laugh now, the more I’ll want to scream later.
DO NOT Get Wasted: Don’t get wasted on the first date because the other rules mine as well just go out the window, we’ll also think you’re a drunk. Save getting wasted for when you know us better.
DO Have a Drink If You Like : Control is sexy.  If you can;t control yourself at the table, how can I trust you to take control of my body in bed?
What else? Complement us, look at us in the eye, be yourself, laugh at our jokes, be confident and most of all HAVE FUN.

7 thoughts on “12 First Date "Do’s" and "Don’ts"”

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  2. Don't:
    Leave porn on your computer and then when she asks to check her email, run accross the room screaming "Noooooooooo!"

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