8 Sports Americans Have No Idea How to Play

Sure, Americans may dominate football, baseball, and basketball. But there are at least eight sports that Americans can hardly play at all…or to put it bluntly, they suck at playing. Take a look at the sports that most Americans will never be good enough to play professionally.

Cricket is a great English sport that few, if any Americans really have a clue as to how to play. Cricket in America has remained an amateur sport, and there is little in the way of pro-American cricketers since the Pro Cricket league was abandoned. Admittedly, there is a United States cricket team which has began to play in cricket championships, such as the ICC Champions Trophy in 2004 — where they were beaten by New Zealand and Australia. In 2005,  they finished bottom of their group at the ICC Champions Trophy. Suspensions have prevented the American team from playing in recent ICC Cups.


Formula One:
Few Americans have a multi-million dollar formula one car in their driveway. Indeed, NASCAR seems to be the motor-sport of preference in America. The last time an American driver won Formula One was 1978.  For the current Formula One season there is not a single American driver in the World Championship.


While some Americans may confuse netball with basketball, it is not the same sport! Hoops are included, but there are no slam dunks, and most notably netball is played more by females. Although America does have a netball team that has played in the World Netball Championship, they went out of their group by losing all 5 games they played in 2003.  Considering that, they wisely sat out on the most recent championship. Needless to say, no American team has ever made the top three of the World Netball Championship.


Pitch and Putt:
Pitch and put may look just like golf, but it’s actually a variation of the game which is played on short holes of up to 100 yards only. The emphasis is on pitching and putting, so there is no need for woods or 300 yard tee-shots. However, Americans are not really among those taking time to pitch and putt.


American football may be more like rugby than soccer, but at any rate rugby is a sport that America can hardly win a game in at the highest level. America has a national team nick-named the Eagles, although in truth they are not ‘high-flyers’ in the sport. While the Eagles may have played in the Rugby World Cup, they are minnows in the rugby union. In the most recent World Cup they were well roasted, finishing bottom of their group, and losing all four of their games with a points difference of -81. Overall they have won just two games in the Rugby World Cup since 1987! Best stick to American football then.


Field Hockey:
In America hockey is played on ice. So, it may come as a surprise to everyone (besides high school girls) that there is another variation of the sport that is actually played on artificial turf hockey pitches. Field hockey is a sport that has been played in many Olympics and America has never come close to winning a gold medal. Even worse, an American team has never even played a game at the Hockey World Cup.


Table Tennis:

While Sampras and co have dominated tennis on the courts, they haven’t quite been able to make the transfer over to the table. Table tennis is a sport that an American has never won a championship in — be it in the World Table Tennis Championship, or the Olympics.


Team Handball:
Handball is a team sport played by two teams of several players that is a little like football, except that hands are used to throw the ball into the goal. Needless to say, few Americans will have likely heard of the sport let alone played it. The last time an American team played in the World Handball Championship, they finished 24th in the final standings with a goal difference of -109, which was just about good enough for last place!

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  1. whoever thinks that Americans don't know pitch and put did zero research. In America they're called "Par 3 golf course" … dumbasses

  2. There is a difference between par 3 golf courses and pitch and putt. Par 3 holes can be up to 200 yards in length, while pitch and putt holes are not usually much greater than 100 yards. As such, hence the name pitch and putt, the courses usually require short shots only. Par 3 courses also include longer holes that could require tee shots up to 200 yards.

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  7. I've played cricket before and we play rugby and table tennis…Table tennis is more commonly known in America as ping pong.

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