5 Rules on How to Properly Use Cologne

There are some guys that do not get what to do with cologne. They see the AXE commercials and think that they can just bathe in the stuff; as if the cologne makes sweat and funk magically disappear! Ever see a guy splash on a few different scents? Ever get close to him afterwards — I think not! Neither do any women! Some guys are not that bright and need a little help. For your friends that deal with your funk, for your non-existent sex life, for the sake of innocent people who must be within smelling distance; heed these rules on how to use cologne. Your friends will thank you, your dog will thank you, and your favorite organ will thank you too.

No funk allowed!

1. The Easy does it and You’ll Do Her Easy Rule: Cologne is not meant for bathing; heck, even the cheap stuff costs too much to do that. Dab a little in a few key areas and your scent will be enticing instead of overpowering. People should have to get close to smell your cologne — after all, isn’t that where we want them to be?
2. It’s the Heart that Counts Rule: Apply a dab of your cologne wherever you can feel a beat. So hit the wrists, sides of your neck, and heart. The throb will actually add a little something to your scent.
It can happen...

3. The Crowded Club Rule: Dab a little cologne on the back of your neck if you are going to a club or a bar. During the night you will undoubtedly be squeezing your way through the crowds of people. You’ll have an instant conversation starter when you pass her by and she catches your scent
We have daddy issues, spank us.

4. The Daddy Dearest Rule: Some chicks may consider this cheating, but you can just call it attention to detail. If she has a really strong relationship with her Dad then find out what he wears and buy it. When she smells it on you she will subconsciously draw the same sense of security from you that she gets from her dear ole’ Dad. The more secure she feels with you, the more likely it will be that she will open up (and we do not mean through conversation).
5. The Attention to Detail Rule: Some idiots actually wear different colognes; talk about an accident waiting to happen! However, it is also possible to inadvertently wear contrasting scents too. Now-a-days your soap, shampoo, shaving cream, and just about anything else you may use to groom has its own scent. You don’t have to use all Old Spice products, but be careful that you do not accidentally create chick repellent.

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  2. Hi Travis, completely agree that there's no need to overdo it! AXE even developed the Double Pits to Chesty move to show guys just how much to spray. Just one spray under each arm and one across the chest is all they need. If you're interested, we'd love to send you some of the latest and greatest scents from AXE so you can try them out for yourself! Feel free to email me at jenniewithaxe@theaxeeffect.com. Have a rockin day.

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