6 Amazingly Weird Weed Names and Origins

If you live in one of states where medicinal use of marijuana is legal, and you are privy to a prescription or card, you’ve no doubt become familiar with some of the dispensaries and their menus.  For those unfamiliar with such establishments and product offerings, here’s a little FYI… they don’t just sell a generic weed to all clientele.  Rejoice! There is choice in strains and potency levels, and that’s just referring to the jars of smokable product. Stock occasionally changes, and new brand names are being developed all the time.

There are companies that specialize in the breeding end of things, others that sell seeds and devices, and the dispensaries, which work like a pharmacy — providing “medication” to patients with an aforementioned doctor’s recommendation.
COED spoke with our friend Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion about brand names and strain variants of medicinal marijuana.  Since Ed owns one such dispensary – The Liberty Bell Temple – he’s certainly seen a few interesting varieties of product offerings, and generously provided us with some info on the history and effects of our weird and wonderfully named list.
6. Dibo’s OG:
“Remember the character DIBO in the movie Friday? DIBO was a big bully who got knocked out in the movie. The term you got DIBO’d comes from this 420 flick. DIBO’s is a strain OG, one of the best OG’s in Southern California and is considered a one hit wonder, or knockout weed.”
5. Orangutan Ganja:
“Really strong weed that Asian Orangutans smoked with Budda, in Buddhist mythology. Now used as a marketing term, it’s a universal adjective that has largely lost its original meaning. Used to describe strong weed. (i.e., OG Kush, OG Sativa, OG Indica, etc.)”
4. Skywalker:
“Another California strain with Hollywood connections. This strain is considered so out of this world that it was named after Luke Skywalker, the character in the Hollywood Blockbuster Star Wars.”
3. California Dream:
“This lady strain has her roots in California. Smoke her and she will take control of your mind, body and soul. Lose your mind and find yourself in a psychedelic Californian dream. This strain is particularly good at stimulating creative thoughts [and] is a required strain on my Hollywood film sets. California Dream is an indica / sativa hybrid. She doesn’t grow too tall and she will be ready for harvest after 8 weeks of flowering. A large producer under optimum conditions. Big fat buds covered with loads of resin.”
2. Exodus Kush:
“Kush refers to a subset of strains of indica cannabis. The origins of Kush cannabis are from landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan and sometimes, Iran, Pakistan, and Northern India, with the name coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range. “Kush” strains of cannabis were brought to the United States in the mid to late 1970s and have been perfected in the Los Angeles area. One of the most popular strains is named EXODUS.”
1. Barack O Bubba:
“The Barack Obama connection is; the creator of this strain is an Occidental College Alumni (as is Barack). Barack clearly was smoking marijuana as his own memoirs reflect while at this Los Angeles area college. Technically it’s a BUBBA KUSH – One of the more Los Angeles area popular sub-strains,  this eye-reddening varietal is Barack O Bubba Kush; it has a very sweet smell, amazing taste, many large hairs and great color.”
Want to catch an inside glimpse of Weedman’s world?  Check out his video:

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