5 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Play Rugby

Everyone’s heard of rugby, yet no one really knows anything about it. Most guys have seen commercials on Fox Sports or seen some reference to rugby in movies like Tommy Boy and more recently Invictus. Rugby is a sport about intensity, determination, and drive. Every guy playing is tired and hurting five minutes into the game, but the key is who can get up off the ground and take it to his opponent time and time again. Regardless of whether or not you think you have that sort of fight inside you the fact remains that every guy should play rugby. Sound crazy? Read on and you’ll find out why!

Your body after only one practice

Reason #1
You will be in incredible physical shape. Once a lot of people quit playing competitive sports in high school or college they lose the urge to work out and therefore start to gain weight. To play rugby and survive (not even play well), you have to be in decent shape. The game itself is so much fun (along with so many other things) that you will have no problem doing what it takes to be able to physically play for years to come.
Rampage Rugby, a high school team in Indiana

Reason #2
Anyone can play. It does not matter if you’re old or young, fat or skinny, muscle-bound or a stick figure. There are several competitive levels ranging from various youth leagues to college along with division I, II, III, and Super League for adults. Depending on how serious you want to take it and where your physical limitations lie, there is a league for you (check out USARugby.com to find a team in your area). The bond that forms between not only teammates, but rugby players in general is one that can’t be compared to anything else. Did I mention that there are tons of women’s teams too?
So who's buying burgers later?

Reason #3
No one on earth parties like a rugby team. After a match the home team hosts a social (party). Both teams attend and drink and eat to their heart’s content, all while socializing with the opponent as much as their teammates. Rugby teams always take it to another level when they party. Many a drinking competition will occur from boat races to beer pong to any number of chug competitions. Hilarity ensues whenever a gullible rookie tries to ‘represent’ in a ‘special’ competition (initiation). After a game you feel like you deserve this party more than anyone else does, and you will treat it accordingly.
Tackle me. Go ahead and try.

Reason #4
One of the great things about a rugby social is the singing. No one sounds like a Rock Star and that is not the point. At most socials, the teams will take turns singing special songs. We’re not talking ‘itsy bitsy spider’ or ‘99 bottles of beer on the wall’; we’re talking about ‘I met a whore in the park one day’ or ‘Jesus can’t play rugby (because he has holes in his hands; only has twelve friends; wears illegal head gear). Some of the most common ones are The Marrying Kind, Chicago, the S&M Man, Yogi Bear, the 12 Days of Rugby (check out this link for some of the lyrics).
Small but deadly

Reason #5
There is a mystique that comes with playing rugby in this country. People hear that you play(ed) football, baseball, or basketball and they give you a polite ‘that’s nice.’ However, mention that you play rugby and people will pause, take another look at you, and say “ooh, I hear that’s tough.” Immediately they look at you in a different light. They know enough about the game to understand that it takes a special kind of person to play not to mention the partying.
So basically if you want a great reason to get in shape or stay in shape, want to party so hard that rock stars will be jealous, learn some insane songs, and have people look at you like the badass that you are than give the game of rugby a try.

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