Album No.4: The Very Best Of The Strokes

Apparently the Strokes are coming out with another album sometime in late 2010. And while we’re curious to see what the once redhot rock band will sound like now, we’re more curious about where they’ve been the last five years.
The Strokes are the band that the modern age left behind. While The Killers and Kings Of Leon adapted and lived up to the media’s perception of the rapscalian rocker by happily supplying interviews and intimate video footage, the Strokes let opportunities pass them by. Despite being the subject of hot gossip in the early ’00s, they stepped away from the limelight with the grace of a recluse, padlock enthusiast.  And since then, it seems the reception for their unquestionable talent has been rather cold.
In many ways you can tell a lot about The Strokes rise and decline via some of the ass they’ve been tapping. With the success of their debut LP Is This It, the boys were swept into a sea of sexual invitations from the elite indie queens. Okay, perhaps the invitations were on face simply just to hookup for recording with one another. But lead singer Julian Casablancas was rumored to have shared a little more than the mic with Regina Spektor. And Casablancas wasn’t the only band member getting some from someone famous. Drew Barrymore began hooking up with Fab Moretti, the drummer, in 2002. Drew Barrymore went on to become a rom-com and media darling, while Fab Moretti went on to become an obscure band member who people vaguely remember.
So while I have high hopes for their fourth release, I’m nervous that they’ve been out of the game for so long. Sure they’ve been releasing solo attempts over the past few years — but anyone who has listened to those knows that their talent lies in their ability to work together as a group. My biggest fear is that this album ends up being a giant tug-of-war between all the member over who has the most individual talent. But I guess, we’ll have to wait to see.
For a backstage look at The Strokes recording footage follow the link below:

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