5 Steps to Rid Your Room of Funk

A dreary abode can turn you into a Pepe-La-Pew over night. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you follow my tips to cleanliness, your friends will take notice.
1. Show your trash the door. Let’s face it, do you really like having seven inches of debris brushing your ankles as you try to run to class? True, you may have taken it out for mom when she asked (nagged), but now it’s up to you to throw out the four day old pizza and ash filled cans.
2. After chucking the larger pieces of evidence to your slovenly lifestyle, move on to microscopic critters and vacuum. Yes, this machine scares away dogs and adults alike, but it’s a necessary invention, especially if you wish to impress the fairer sex. Besides you may end up with some Hoover action if you’re lucky.

3. Wash the dishes. Nothing brings dankness to an apartment or dorm room faster than festering food. Set aside a few moments to soak your plates in soapy suds, rinse thoroughly and gently dry. If your dinnerware is encrusted with filth, try adding lemon juice or detergent to the water. The acidity will eat away the gunk.

4. Take a trip to the laundromat and change your linen. While it can be the least favorite chore of dorm life, thanks to the sorting of off-whites and colors, stuffing them into a bag and spending money that could have been used on books or bagels, it must be done. Plus it cleanses away knuckle stains and rewards you with soft sheets. To lengthen the life of that crisp aroma, toss a dryer sheet under your folded clothes.
5. Freshen the air with the Thermax Mini Max Air Purifier. Not only does this inexpensive gadget use water as a filter and scented oils for deodorizing, it can clean up to 800 square feet of space within minutes. Simple to assemble and maintain, as long as you wash it out every 2-3 days, it’s the perfect addition to any area that may require the occasional removal of pollutants like smoke or b.o.
Giving your room or apartment a well-deserved tidying up shouldn’t take forever, unless the last time you saw the floor or bed was when you moved in. Once the clutter is clear, try adding a Glade Plug-In to help control the smell while you’re away. Upon returning switch on the Mini Max whenever the air gets a bit rank and repeat the steps above when needed. In no time you’ll go from funky to hunky.

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