Introducing The Insanely Hot Ironette Dancers [13 Galleries]

It’s no secret that Iron Man 2 is jam packed with smoking hot actresses  like Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Munn, and Gwyneth Paltrow. But the unknown hottie heroes of this major summer blockbuster are the insanely hot Ironettes. One dozen of the sexiest dancers you’ve ever seen hailing everywhere from Florida to California make up a team just as visually appealing as the stunning effects in Iron Man 2. These incredibly good looking dancers, wearing close to nothing, wowed us from the second they got on stage. So save your money on the movie ticket because the only thing worth seeing in Iron Man is right here.

Gina Cantrell – Another Los Angeles-based dancer joins the team, drawing from her experience performing during halftime at Minnesota Timberwolves games. Cantrell is also expanding into acting with a leading role in the upcoming drama short, Afterlife.

Lindsay Rosenberg – Considering the Los Angeles Clippers dismal record over the years, this bombshell might be one of the best parts of the organization. At least when fans are struggling through the Clippers’ next loss, they’ll have Lindsay and the rest of the dancing squad to make their ticket worthwhile.

Renee Herlocker – This lifelong Denver Broncos fan from Aurora, Colorado had her dream come true by becoming a Broncos cheerleader for six NFL seasons. Currently, she hosts programs on Spike and MTV, models for Red Bull USA, while also maintaining a large presence on social media outlets.

Nadine Ellis – With plenty of experience as a member of The Pussycat Dolls, Ellis has been performing in films and television shows since 2000. Maybe some shows such as ER, 24, The King of Queens, and Reno 911 sound familiar? She’s also slated to appear in the upcoming drama, Does Your Mama Know later this year.

Jenny Robinson – Hailing from sunny Florida, Robinson began dancing at age 2 and never looked back. Practically a media chameleon, she’s pulled off everything from live performances, to films and print modeling. As if this weren’t enough, dancing roles on Monday Night Football and NASCAR round out her resume.

Melanie Brown – This shocking blonde is making a name for herself among NFL cheerleaders, by representing the NFL around the world from Hawaii’s Pro Bowl to Tokyo, Japan. While she currently cheers for the San Diego Chargers, she stays active with volleyball, running, snowboarding, cycling, and horseback riding. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Victoria Parsons – Whether it’s a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Glee, or Fast and Furious, Parsons is building an impeccable reputation as a mesmerizing dancer. After multiple live performances backing up Rihanna, it’s no wonder her career is blasting off.

Krystal Ellsworth – This beautiful brunette is beginning to make a career out of dancing, with appearances in Step Brothers, House M.D., and Fame. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope Iron Man 2 isn’t her last hip shaking performance.

Kylette Zamora – Whether it’s modeling or dancing, this girl has got it covered. If she doesn’t make you jealous of Iron Man, we don’t know what will.

The Ironette Dancers (50 Photos)

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  4. Great post! They definitely made a splash on the big screen, though Iron Man and then, of course, Scarlett Johannsson stole our hearts.

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