6 Best Outdoor Drinking Games for the Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and that means moving the drinking and the drinking games outside. Nothing is better than enjoying a nice cold one outside with your friends and here at COED we’re all about helping you to get drunk and tan at the same time. But forget trying to play indoor drinking games outdoors. The weather is nice, the sun is out, and you should be playing something that is celebrating the fact that women are walking around wearing practically nothing.


A classic game that is easily converted to drinking. Rather than keeping score, the team that is furthest away drinks. How much? It all depends on how much closer the winning team is to the pallino (the small white ball) than the losing team. You can be intense about measurements and give each differing inch a corresponding second of chugging, or have a good, casual time and take as much as the losers want each time. Only catch, if a team gets a bocce (their ball is touching the pallino at the end of the round), the other team has to chug a beer. Sober bocce is great, and adding beer to it only makes it that much better.


Just like bocce, this game is great sober and drunk. Not only is it the fastest growing collegiate sport (I’m not lying, it’s a club activity at most schools sponsored by the university. It was even picked up exclusively by the Big Ten Network and will be coming to television soon), the simple rules allow it to easily be converted to a drinking game and let every personĀ  change up the rules to their liking. Yeah, it’s similar to bocce as a drinking game, but changing things up with all the sunny days in your future is a must. Just get some beer and you’ll have a good time.

Polish Horseshoes

One of the best outdoor drinking games. It’s extremely causal, but it can really mess you up. All you need are two poles (or sticks), beer bottles, and a frisbee. There are a few different game-play rules, but I like to play by these ones. One team throws the frisbee, and you get 3 points for hitting the bottle off the pole directly and 2 points for knocking the bottle off by hitting the pole. The defending team gets a point for catching the falling beer bottle, and if caught, throwing team gets nothing. Simple enough. Play to as many points as you want and add any amount of corresponding drinking to the points. You’ll be set for a nice summer afternoon.

Water Pong

What can be better than drinking at a pool on a hot summer day? Beer pong — in the pool. Best part about it is you don’t need water cups. Just get a floating table (these work great) and put it in the pool. If you really want to, invest in this and make it really classy. House rules still apply. This game takes pool parties to a whole new level and lets you bring beer pong outside without getting grass and dirt all over the balls and in your cups.
Note: Don’t be an idiot and take this game to a public pool. While all the other games can be played anywhere, this is one drinking game that needs to remain in a private or semi-private setting.

Dizzy Bat

Great game for any circumstance. There are two variations for this game that are both equally fun. One is a relay race. Chug a beer, spin ten times, then run to a point and back. Tag the teammate, and the next person goes. Or, fill up a wiffle ball bat with a beer, and then chug that beer. However long it takes in seconds corresponds to the spins you have to do. You then get three pitches to hit a beer can. If you strike out, fill ‘er up and try again. This game is absolutely hilarious to be a part of and to watch. Definitely a go-to game for any summer day/night.

Dropsky Drinksky

This game works best with a keg, but you can do it with cups as well. Simply stand in a circle around the keg or filled cups and throw a football around. Players must be holding a side beer in their hands to make it difficult. If you drop it, you run to the middle, do a keg stand for a previously decided amount of time or chug a cup, run out for a pass, and catch the ball. If you drop it, try again with the drinking included. Beware, this game can hit you hard. Who knew catching a football one-handed could be so hard drunk?

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