Interview With Indochino's Founder Kyle Vucko

Kyle Vucko Co-founded Indochino with his close friend and business partner Heikal Gani while pursuing a commerce degree at the University of Victoria, Canada in 2006. Vucko has been Indochino’s CEO since inception, leading it through two financing rounds, growing the company from a student startup to the premier global brand in online men’s tailor made suits. In addition to CEO, Vucko also acts as company spokesperson and specifically heads the marketing, PR, and global sales divisions of Indochino. Vucko currently lives in Shanghai, China.
We decided to profile this inspiring entrepreneur in hopes that it will motivate you to identify a passion and start your own business.
What was your motivation to start Indochino?
My business partner needed a suit for a conference at college and had never purchased one before. It was a very difficult process for him and finding fashionable, well-fitting suits was next to impossible at a price he could afford as a student.
What was your background in the fashion industry before starting the company?
None. We approached our design process and company from the point of view of a customer, and built something we thought was compelling. We wanted to provide men with affordable and stylish custom suits, delivered in a record setting two weeks and backed by a Perfect Fit Promise. Turns out we were pretty innovative, being the first clothing company to offer a guarantee on our products and to ship within two weeks globally.
Can you tell us what you studied in college and if Indochino hadn’t taking off what you would be doing today?
I studied commerce at the University of Victoria, Canada. I was really set on working for Bain Consulting at one point, the diversity of the work and entrepreneurial work culture seemed appealing.
At what specific moment do you realize that this was a viable business opportunity?
When one of my early mentors offered to invest in the business!
What was the origin of the name Indochino?
We wanted a name that made it obvious we were creating our suits in Asia. We do really amazing work with our tailors in Shanghai, offering premium wages and equitable working conditions. It’s something we wanted to represent as a company.
How many customer have bought suits on
We like to keep our numbers close to the chest, but they are all growing very quickly right now!

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