5 Best Things to Grill Besides Burgers and Dogs

Nothing says summer like a nice barbecue. But, hamburgers and hot dogs can get old really fast. Don’t worry, there are a lot of items that can be thrown on a grill that many never think of grilling. Here are the top five unusual food items that will spice up your barbecues and leave everyone impressed with your superior grilling abilities.

5. Oysters

This is a pretty simple thing to cook and  they taste really good when done right. All you have to do is throw the oysters on the grill and wait for the shells to open a little. Once they open, the oysters are done and ready to serve. No marinade is needed for the oysters, but feel free to add whatever you like to spice up the taste. Once you’ve had oysters from a grill, it’ll be tough to go back to a burger.


4. Grilled cheese and other sandwiches

This meal is pretty self-explanatory and, in its name, asks to be cooked on the grill. But most people leave their “grilling” of these sandwiches to the indoors. Grilled cheeses can easily be converted to melts if you add your favorite meats to them, and there are many other sandwich options besides barbecue pork. Throw any sandwich on the grill and you’ll be surprised at how much better they taste when grilled. It’s a simple fix to a boring sandwich.


3. Pizza

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have our own private wood-burning pizza oven, so typically we resort to baking pizza (if we even make it at all). But grilling the pizza provides a similar taste to a pizza made in a pizza oven and is a good step-up from delivery. Whatever toppings you want, just put it on the pizza and fire up the grill. It’s extremely cheap to get the ingredients, and nothing says date night like homemade pizza.


2. Chicken on a Throne

This recipe is pretty unusual, but it mixes two awesome things — beer and grilling. All you do is put the chicken on a beer can of your choice (the type of beer all depends on the flavoring that you desire). Leave a little of the beer can sticking out, and then put the chicken on the grill. The beer will evaporate from the can while cooking, but on its way out it will seep into the chicken providing an awesome taste that you can’t get with rotisserie chickens. Trust me, this chicken is a feast and needs to be in your grilling books.


1. Fruit

The easiest way to grill fruit is by putting it on a kebab or by slicing it and just putting it straight on the grill. Pineapple works best for grilling, but most fruits can be grilled. Every type of fruit when grilled  is absolutely delicious. You can also add grilled fruit to just about everything, even burgers, to give some different flavor than your typical grilling party. Grilled fruit even goes great with beer.

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