Top 10 Hot Ass Hollywood Jews (PICS)

If you’re on a mission to find the world’s hottest Jewish girls (why wouldn’t you be?), there’s no better place to look than Hollywood, USA. So to get in on the situation happening near the Gaza Strip, we’ve put together the sexiest Chosen Ones this side of Tel Aviv.  Oh, and when you’re gone check out 68 Real Israeli Beach Babes.

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#10 Natalie Portman

When it comes down to it, women don’t get much hotter than Natalie Portman. The Israeli-American actress has been on the scene since she was a little girl in the ever-badass The Professional. Since then, she’s rocked everything from Star Wars to V for Vendetta to Garden State. When a girl this awesome exists, it kind of puts the rest of them to shame.

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#9 Isla Fisher

After first appearing on the scene in Wedding Crashers, Isla (eye-luh) Fisher quickly became the girl every dude wished he was dating. She was funny and fun – and as hot as a three-alarm fire. Not only that, but she’s married to Sascha Baron Cohen. Normally a hot chick being taken off the market would piss us off, but when you’re as funny as that dude, you deserve a chick this awesome.

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#8 Brooke Burke

As the best host of Wild On!, Burke sits atop sexy mountain with a body and face so fly staring at her too long can give you vertigo. We’ve been checking out Brooke’s bangin’ body since before we can remember. But that doesn’t mean she’s anything less than amazing.

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#7 Kate Hudson

At 29-years-old, Kate Hudson is one of Hollywood’s biggest and hottest stars. From Almost Famous to You, Me and Dupree, she has won us over with…well, with being super freaking sexy. Not too sure about How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, though. Could have done without that waste of time. But don’t get us wrong – she’s still super hot.

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#6 Mila Kunis

Of course you’ve seen Mila Kunis on That 70’s Show and around the Net, being super hot. But if you haven’t seen her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you are missing two of the best hours of your life.

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#5 Nikki Ziering

This 36-year-old model and actress got her start modeling lingerie for Fredrick’s of Hollywood before becoming a Playboy Playmate of the Month and two-time cover model, and eventually a “Barker Beauty” for Bob Barker on The Price Is Right. Ah, the good old days…

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#4 Rachel Blison

Since landing on the scene as The O.C.’s Summer Roberts, we’ve had a thing for this 27-year-old brunette beauty. Though most of the people in her family have been in the entertainment industry in one way or another, from writers to directors, you might be interested to know that her mother is a sex therapist. And as far as we can tell, that can only be a good thing.

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#3 Emmanuelle Chriqui

This 30-year-old Entourage star is so freakin’ hot, it ties our stomach into knots of horniness, and yet she still flies just under the radar with class. Of Moroccan decent, Chriqui (pronounced kinda like “shreeky”) grew up in Ontario, Canada but has a ton of relatives in Israel, so you know she’s legit.

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#2 Scarlett Johansson

We had no freakin’ idea that the blond bombshell beauty was “Chosen.” But maybe if we’d payed more attention to how much Woody Allen seems to like this sexy seductress, we might have caught on earlier. Then again, Woody Allen taking interest in a super hot chick isn’t anything new…

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#1 Bar Rafaeli

Ok, she’s not exactly “Hollywood,” but she dated Leonardo DiCaprio and when you’re this hot, there’s no way in hell we’re leaving her off this list. The Israeli model is quickly becoming the new hottest supermodel on the scene. But when you have a body like that and a face like that and pictures like this, how could you expect anything less? If you ask us, just have Bar model everything, and everyone will be happy. That’ll work, right?…

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