How To Order A Custom Suit Online

Graduation just came and went and wedding season is in mid-swing. Most of you are in need of a suit but don’t want to break the bank to look snazzy. So, why not go with a custom suit? In the past a suit designed specifically for your body type would cost and an arm and a leg, but today, because of the power of the internet you can get the same level of quality at a much more competitive price. The modern gentleman deserves more than mass produced, off the rack tailoring so let us show you how to order a custom suit online.

Picking A Source

There’s nothing like the sharp cut of a custom suit that fits you perfectly so this is why I ordered me suit from Indochino is the most reputable custom suit source in the United States and Canada, they have dozens of styles, use the highest quality materials and the suit will be at your door in just two weeks, a fraction of the usual wait time for custom suiting. Indochino also allows you to take advantage of many customization options such as pick stitching, buttons on sleeves, pocket slant and even allows you to inscribe text on the inside of the jacket…go with your name or a favorite saying. If that doesn’t sell you check out this “Blueprint” video from their new Spring 2010 collection that shows customization in action.


Picking A Style

When picking a suit you want to get something timeless, this way you can wear it in years to come at everything from a wedding to a job interview. Stick to the basics, a standard black works best. If you’re feeling saucy check out this 3-piece black pinstripe suit or Indochino’s recently released Spring 2010 collection. The site also allows you to pick by occasion: my first suit, graduation, job interview or wedding, amongst others.


Measuring Yourself

This step is often precived to be an overwhelming task but in reality it takes only 10 minutes and can be done on your coffee break. All you’ll need is a tape measure, Indochino’s “Get Measured” guide and a friend. The key getting a sharp cut of a custom suit will be the wide variety of measurements of everythign from your waistline down to your bicep size. Input the information into your Indochino profile and you’re ready to go. As a tip, you can view all the measurements needed right here – if you know a tailor or feel like paying the guy at Macy’s 5-bucks you can have them do the measurements.


Shaping Up

Your suit will arrive two weeks after purchase. As with everything in life (and the internet) you might need to make a few minor adjustments. When the suit arrives try it on. Check that the sleeves drop down to the first knuckle on your thumb, the back of the jacket lies flat and the suit feels comfortable. If something needs to be fixed fear not, Indochino is the only custom suit maker and retailer to offer a 100% perfect fit promise. If your suit is anything less than perfect, take it to your tailor and have it adjusted on Indochino, up to $75. In the rare case your suit is deemed to be unalterable, they will remake it for you. And int he rare case that your suit was not what you expected, return it for a full refund.
Note: Read our interview with Indochino co-founder Kyle Vucko!

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