4 Reasons Why Working In TV Kicks Ass

Being an unemployed, somewhat-recent graduate, I’m always keeping an eye out for careers I might like to pursue (read: areas in which I can find an unpaid internship and call myself a “freelancer”).  Prior to the second season premier of Royal Pains, I had the opportunity to visit the set to watch taping and interview the actors.  While I’m sure the intention was for me to walk away totally excited about fresh episodes of my favorite medical dramedy, I was actually in awe over the fact that everyone I met was getting paid to be there.  Cue the parting clouds, rays of sunlight, and God-like voice of Morgan Freeman:  Yes, Alex.  You too can work on a television set.
1.  Did you know that by working on set you come in contact with certified dragon hunters? I know, it’s almost as good as working for Dog the Bounty Hunter.  Seriously though, I overheard some girls talking about how after Royal Pains, they were heading off to a dragon convention.  Mystified, I glanced over at one of the producers who gave me a shrug and said, “You wouldn’t believe the types we get coming through here.  Dragons are nothing.”
2.  You get to hang out with the cool kids. It’s no surprise that actors are usually pretty attractive folks, but the ones I met were also really, really funny.  It was like being in the fifth grade all over again.  I was swooning over the floppy-haired class clown, except this time he actually talked to me.  And let me tell you, it was glorious.
3.  Two words: Craft Services. The most delicious meal you will never pay for.  People who work on-set eat ridiculously well.  Every lunch features tables upon tables serving made-to-order pastas, fresh salads, decadent desserts, and more beverages than you know what to do with.
4.  A more-impressive you. When that hot blonde at the bar asks what you do for a living you can casually say, “I work in television.  You know, mostly just joking around with celebrities in exotic locations.  Nothing major.”

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